Email Marketing Ideas to Incorporate with Your Atomic Sender Campaigns.

    by Paul Shuteyev
    These email marketing tips are important!

    These email marketing tips are important!

    Emphasize with Words Not Exclamation Marks In order to emphasize a point or express urgency most people will immediately think of adding an exclamation mark to the end of a sentence. Studies show, however, that exclamation marks do not metaphysically put importance in the words preceding them, they just express the importance of what’s already in the content or be heard as a command. While preparing an e-mail for a marketing campaign we suggest the following:
    • Not to use exclamation marks in the email content. If you feel the need to use an exclamation point, reread and redo the sentence or the entire paragraph to make the words, the rhythm and the sentence structure develop their own urgency and importance.

    Email Marketing Tips to Reflect Your Corporate Image

    Your email marketing strategy as a whole must be an integrated part of the overall marketing strategy. Similarly, the design and the content of your newsletter or email should reflect your corporate marketing direction and image. Taking these ideas into consideration will ensure that recipients will make a connection between the content of the emails and the sender's overall ventures even if their only reference is your website. The company’s image and the image created by the email marketing efforts can interact and likely strengthen the entire message. If the email marketing strategy does not reflect its corporate design it may have an unwanted effect not only on the success of the email campaign, but also on the image of the company.

    Your ISP Should Be Informed About Your Email Marketing Activities

    Recent anti-SPAM regulations created tough standards for bulk email distribution. We advise that you communicate with your ISP (s) in advance about any scheduled mass email activities. Having courteous and professional relationships with your vendors will keep your organization off the suspicious client list. Your ISP potentially is on the front line for any complains coming from email recipients associated with your bulk email distribution. We suggest that during the campaign preparation you address your activities with your provider to make sure that they are legitimate. Make it Easy for Subscribers to Change or Add Email Address A variety of web-based email services and personal domains make it easy for email addresses to be changed frequently. If your email distribution engine has an option to change or have several email addresses associated with an individual recipient you will likely to keep and grow your audience. If you require subscribers to unsubscribe the old address manually and then sign up again with the new address some readers may question if the additional registration is worth the effort. Therefore, we recommend that you provide subscribers with an easy to way to change their email address. A simple approach is probably the best so consider the following:
    • On the page that allows readers to unsubscribe, offer another field where they can subscribe with a different email address carrying over all of their personal data.
    • Change the link from "unsubscribe" to "unsubscribe/change address"
    We wish you much success in your email marketing efforts and we welcome your comments or suggestions.
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    Paul Shuteyev
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