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    Alarming Statistics Related to Corporate Data Loss.

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Sad Corporate Data Loss Statistics 2009 Business executives and owners who may wonder if they need to protect their corporate data will appreciate certain statistics that we have prepared. 43% of organizations say their information security function is now part of their organizations' risk management function. --Ernst & Young The average loss per phishing victim jumped from $257 in 2005 to $1,244 in 2006. --Gartner Inc. 1 in 3 workers jot down their computer password, undermining their security. --Nucleus Research and KnowledgeStorm Read more below! 73% of computers use spam blockers. --Arbitron/Edison Media Roughly 1 in 3 computer users has been a victim of viruses, spyware or phishing. --Consumer Reports U.S. consumers spent $7.8 billion over the last two years for computer repairs, parts and replacements because of malware attacks. --Consumer Reports The average cost of insider data breaches is $3.4 million per business per year. --Ponemon Institute/ArcSight 1/5 of all e-mail messages received by corporate servers are spam. --Panda Software 1 in 20 e-mails are infected with malware. --Panda Software 64% of small businesses say they've taken action to better protect customer financial information. --VISA USA/US Chamber of Commerce 72% of businesses express concern about information and/or physical security of company assets located off-premise. --Runzheimer International Asia is the top spam-relaying continent, responsible for 42.8%. --Sophos US users land on malicious websites about 285 million times per month by clicking on results from the five major search engines. --McAfee Inc. 85% say handheld devices used in their organization should require security protection. --FierceWireless/BluefireWireless Security 68% of information security professionals at large organizations say laptops pose the biggest security risk. --Enterprise Strategy Group Computer security threats, including viruses, worms and Trojan horses were up 48% in 2005 from the previous year. --Sophos Phishing grew from an average of 2.99 million messages, to 5.70 million. --Symantec Internet Security Threat Repor People who bank online are less likely to become victims of fraud and suffer an average loss of $551 compared to $4,500 for paper and mail bankers. --Javelin Strategy & Research 20% of consumers terminated a relationship with a company after being notified of a security breach. --Ponemon Institute Total cybercrime losses in 2005 were $130.1 million; the majority of the losses were due to viruses, unauthorized access to computer systems and theft of propriety information. --CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey 12% of respondents say their confidence in a company had actually increased after they were notified of a personal data security breach; 58% said a breach had decreased their sense of trust and confidence in the organization. --Ponemon Institute LLC   More than 90% of internet users have changed their habits to try and reduce their exposure to spyware. --Pew Internet & American Life Project Over 80% of internet users no longer open attachments from unknown sources. --Pew Internet & American Life Project 60% of internet users who report computer problems do not know the source. --Pew Internet & American Life Project 25% of internet users say they always read user agreements, privacy statements or other disclaimers before installing or downloading files from the internet. --Pew Internet & American Life Project 63% more computers were infested with malicious code--i.e. spyware, adware, etc.--in the first six months of 2005 than all of 2004. --McAfee
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    Paul Shuteyev
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