"Steal" Traffic and Clients from Your Competitors!

    by Paul Shuteyev

    How To Study Your Website’s Competition And Steal Their Spot

    steal traffic, steal success

    Many things can be said about the benefits of having an online business.Inexpensive marketing platforms, a global audience, automation and the likes are just some of the top answers whenever online businessmen are asked why they decided to establish their enterprises in the World Wide Web.

    But there’s one factor that is often left undisclosed.The online field would also require you to compete with hundreds, if not thousands, of other businesses jockeying for the same market.It’s a virtual race for sales, or for clicks if you’re engaged in a PPC venture.And since any given market is finite, the number and strength of your competition plays an important role in determining your success in the internet marketing industry.

    Competition is said to be at its highest level in the search engine game.As you may very well know, 80% of the traffic that can be generated from any website would come from the search engines.If you are competing with 100 other enterprises, this means that you should try your very best to beat all 100 of them for the top spot in the search engine results page for every relevant query.This is the best way to ensure that you’ll get first dibs on a prospect before they could grab a hold of him.

    As is usually the case, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques abound to help you gain good position in search engine results.Mastering these techniques would give you a greater chance of succeeding in the online industry.

    At least in theory....

    In practice, however, things aren’t that easy.What remains unsaid is the fact that most of your competitors would be doing the same thing.You’d still have to compete with the tactics that they themselves would employ.And if all of you would be implementing the same strategies, then it’s back to square one.If you can’t get ahead of them in the search engine positions before, there’s no reason why you’d get ahead of them after employing the same tricks that they likewise employ.

    So what should you do?

    Here’s an unorthodox strategy.Instead of competing against your rivals, you could actually learn from them.And in the process, you could steal their spots.

    Competition is always about figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents.The keys to victory lie in replicating what your opponents are doing correctly and correcting what your opponents are doing wrong.

    And these can only be achieved by studying their performance.

    Let’s give it a shot through an example.

    Supposing your online business has something to do with dog grooming.A cursory look at Google would reveal that you have around 10,000,000 pages servicing the same subject.An approximation based on averages would tell us that around 2.5 million webmasters are engaged in the same field.

    On the number one spot in the search engine results would be petgroomer.com.This website’s spot is your aim.Your goal is to dislodge this website from its number one position.

    How are you supposed to do that?

    Let’s try to study the website.On your Internet browser, go to VIEW then select SOURCE.You’ll be taken to a text file that would reveal the source code of the said website.Now study this source code and answer the following questions:

    • Are you doing the SEO techniques the website is employing?
    • What is the website implementing that you’re not doing?
    • What are you doing that the website is not implementing?

    For example, the said website is employing META tags.Are you using the same META tags?Does he have more META tags than you do?The website also hosts a variety of content pieces.Are its content pieces better than yours?Are there any keywords in such pieces that you have failed to capitalize on?The said website is also using ALT tags.Are you using ALT tags for your pages with same level of proficiency?

    Again, just as a reminder, the trick is to determine what your competitor is doing right so that you’d know what to imitate, and to determine what your competitor is doing wrong so that you’d know where to beat him.

    Now go to www.linkpopularity.com and run a check on that website’s URL.You’d know that the said website has 1,927 MSN back links and 2,760 Yahoo back links.The next step is to acquire more back links than what this website has.This is where you should employ off page SEO tactics so that you’d be able to beat the aforementioned number one website.If you will manage to get more back links, then chances are, Google will consider assigning your website a higher page rank.

    These are the secrets to studying – and beating – your competition, even if the playing field is fairly built.As Arie De Geus did say, “the ability to learn faster than your competitors may be only sustainable competitive advantage.”

    Written by:
    Paul Shuteyev
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