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comments 16.10.2020 Tatiana Pyrih @ Email List Building, Email Marketing

Hygiene of mailing list or How not to get to spam?

Why are my emails going to spam

Being a decent email marketer you are wondering “Why are my emails going to spam?” Read our new article to find out how the quality of an address list influences the risk of gettint to spam. And find the solution to the issue how to avoid spam filters. For this, you need just to create a clean email database, and we will tell you how to do this!

comments 31.07.2020 Irina Podorvan @ Email Marketing Campaigns

How often do you have to clean your email base: What experts say

Email validity checking

Email list validation is a key step to a successful email campaign. This small stage can change the result of campaigns. To neglect cleaning email list is not unforgivable for marketers. We asked experts how often it is important to clean the email base and why? Read the article to find out answers to important questions.