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    by Ira Byvalkevich



    Compared to simple messaging, email marketing services allow you to organize different informational interactions with internet users. The most famous example of this interaction is email lists.

    An email list is a named list of subscribers' mailing addresses made to promote mass mailing of letters, usually corresponding to a certain subject. The email list name is a virtual collective of mailing addresses: messages directed to these addresses are delivered to all members.

    Internet users have the opportunity to join the mailing list they are interested in (subscribing). After registration of the subscription email list, the user will receive materials that are interesting for him through the list emails. The only inconvenience of this approach might be the periodic overflow of the user's mailbox with large volumes of mailing. To avoid such problems, the creators bulk emails may provide a mode in which not complete materials are sent, but only information summaries. When a user no longer needs to receive materials, he can remove himself from the list. This is usually done in the same way as a subscription 一 by sending a special message to a specific address.

    Why building email list is important


    Do you think about creating a list for marketing? Many business owners fail to see the importance of having it. We will show you the main reasons why building business email listings is so important.

    Because these subscribers joined you from the website and have verified their identity by clicking a link (subscription form) on your website. They are very added in what you offer them. If you don't create a list, you are making a huge mistake that can cost a lot of money.

    After determining the definition, it's time to find out why it's so important.

    Here are 6 key benefits for you to know why build email list is important:

    1. Email marketing has a higher ROI than any other marketing channel.

      Many businesses prefer using social media while looking for a good ROI. It Is quite an easy way to get access to your target market.

      However, the truth is that email marketing still provides the highest ROI. This is about twice as good as other forms of digital marketing.

      This means that email marketing is not “dead”. It is one of the best tools in your arsenal.

    2. You are 6 times more likely to receive a clickthrough via email.

      Think about how much time you spend marketing your blog. How much of that time is spent on social media and not on email?

      There are much more email accounts than social media accounts. That's 3 times as many email account holders as Twitter and Facebook combined.

      In terms of click-through rates, this is about 3% for email and about 0.5% for Twitter. That's 6x more clicks on email compared to tweets.

      With statistics like this, it's easy to see where you should be spending more time and attention.

    3. Your email subscribers are more likely to share your content.

      Your email subscribers are more likely to share your content.

      Communicating with your audience through your list is a personal experience that affects on these relationships. When your email gets into a subscriber's inbox, you are talking to them one-on-one. It makes them feel important and valuable members of your community.

      Marketing creates a sense of loyalty and trust that makes people much more likely to share your content on social media.

    4. Your list is specially compiled.

      When blog reader wants to receive updates from you, they fill out the registration form and confirm their email address. It gives you permission to contact them.

      People do this, because they want to hear from you. This makes them much more likely to pay attention to your emails with more interest. They are more receptive to your messages and ready to take action.

    5. Email is highly targeted.

      Since people are already demonstrating purpose by subscribing to your mailing list, it becomes easier to target the right people for offers and products. You already know what they are interested in (your blog niche).

      This is where email segmentation comes into play. Segmentation is a grouping of subscribers so that you can better personalize their mailing list.

      By segmenting your followers into other interest groups, you can create targeted email campaigns that increase clicks and improve results.

      Also make sure that all addresses are valid. You may use an email address verifier for this purpose.

    6. You are creating a lifelong business asset.

      At first sight, this may not seem like a big deal, but with your mailing list, you are creating something that will be of value in the distant future. Social media is fleeting and volatile, while digital marketing remains unchanged.

    Email subscribers are more valuable than the typical social media users, and with the loyalty that comes from personalized letters, they also do reposts, click-throughs, and sales.

    What are mailing lists


    Mailing lists are a tool for grouping subscribers by topic of news messages.

    It does not contain newsletters or subscribers. Mailing lists serve as a convenient means of grouping subscribers who receive specific newsletters.

    For example, you might create a Company News list and invite visitors to subscribe to it. The subscriber, having chosen this one to subscribe, thereby binds his address to this mailing list. In the future, when creating a newsletter, you can specify that this message should be sent to the "Company News" followers. And this message will be sent to those subscribers.

    How mailing lists work


    Marketing specialists still come up with new tricks on how to effectively and beautifully create a newsletter in order to receive even greater benefits. However, the techniques you have mastered are useless if there are no subscribers. Fortunately, building a mailing list is not a difficult process if you are familiar with the basic principles. Let's discover how mailing lists work:

    1. Create a list online.

      You can find many potential subscribers on your site. Place a simple questionnaire on each page of the site so that users do not have to puzzle over where they are able to subscribe. If you do not want to post the entire questionnaire, the button "Subscribe to the newsletter" will be enough, which leads to the subscription page.

    2. Then switch to smaller sources.

      Today, everyone reads messages and surfs the internet from their smartphones. It will be useful for you to optimize your site for mobile devices in order to add more mobile users to the database.

      There are also social networks to attract subscribers: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others. You can post a subscription questionnaire directly on the company's official Facebook page or tweet a link to a subscription landing page. Social media provides more targeted traffic as your social media followers are already interested in your brand.

    3. Create your own ways to attract subscribers.

      Creativity in the right direction is good for both you and your customers. The flight of imagination in this direction is not limited. Who said building an email list can't be a creative process?



    List building for beginners: how to start


    Taking into account the advantages, it takes very little effort, time and money. Here's how to get started with list building for beginners.

    Choose a service provider or use an email tracker.

    Strategically place beautiful Opt-Forms 一 some WordPress themes come with built-in email sidebar widgets. Your service provider can provide you with an embed code that you can put on your WordPress site.

    To further increase your signup rates, you need to offer your users an incentive to join your email list. People love to get things for free and immediately. Offer them instant incentives that they can after joining your list. It could be an e-book, a coupon, a free resource, or something else.

    It doesn't matter what kind of business you are in, what website you have, or what industry you are in. If you have a website and want to turn your visitors into customers, then you need to get them into your email list.

    Key signs of a good people mailing list


    What are the hallmarks of a good people mailing list? Subscribers have given their consent to receive newsletters, which means you can be sure that your target audience is on your list.

    A double subscription to the newsletter, which confirms that the person really wants to subscribe, the email address specified by him exists and the subscription is not the fruit of a mistake.

    The email address must be entered twice to avoid accidental spelling mistakes.

    How can you add value to your listing of email addresses?

    Rule 1: Clear your subscriber list of inactive or non-existent contacts.

    Rule 2: Run a campaign to attract inactive followers to rekindle their interest in what you are doing.

    Rule 3: say goodbye at the right time, that is, if one of the subscribers, despite all your efforts, does not manifest themselves in any way, let them disappear and delete them manually.



    Now you know what is an email mailing list. Have the tactics you want, you are ready to start building your email subscriber list.

    Remember, besides building your email list, it's very important to maintain good relationships with your subscribers so that they never lose faith in your brand. You can even send personalized emails to your subscribers on special occasions. Start your email campaign and use reliable list management software.

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