Top 7 Most Effective Ways of Using Opt-in Email Lists

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Most effective ways of using email lists!

    Most effective ways of using email lists!

    There are many options of using email lists, but what are the best practices or best ways of using them? We suggest the top 7 ways that you can utilize these resources, and we will also present options for using professional software for collecting of email addresses.
    * Marketing Email lists are widely used in e-mail marketing. Things to consider when using email lists for this reason is the targeted audience, the product you’re marketing and the amount of people you want to reach. A thorough research of the marketing data and focus on the target audience will ensure that your promotional efforts as effective as possible. We will further discuss options of purchasing of email lists and factors to consider. * Sharing Ideas with like-minded people Email lists allow you to send and share information with people that have similar interests or objectives. For instance, the news about medications for hypertension could be sent to the recipients on the email list dedicated to an interest in blood-pressure or different heart conditions. Other types of interests include making money on the internet, fitness information, weight-loss tips and others. * Sending or receiving news News agencies use email lists to keep their subscribers up to date on the most recent news. Most news companies offer this service for free, and you can subscribe or unsubscribe from these lists at any time. * Social Networking Online communities such as Facebook, Twitter and other sites that are dedicated to social networking use email lists as an effective means of staying in touch with friends, or making new acquaintances. * Business Networking Using the email lists is a great way of staying in touch with others in the same business environment as you. Whether it is an inter-departmental list in a major company or a list of people in a certain field of expertise email lists are a great resource for keeping others up to date with recent news about your business. * SPAM SPAM is a major arbitrary that is enforced to control information sharing using e-mail. Messages that tell you about the newest brand of Viagra or informing you that you have a lost relative in Nigeria who left you a trillion Zimbabwean dollars in their will are sure to drive even a most quiet person crazy. One of the main culprits in increasing of this web-phenomenon is email lists, and it has never been easier for anyone to communicate their vermin with the rest of the world. * Selling Goods Whether you are trying to sell a new invention or a second-hand DVD collection, an email list is a cheap and easy way of getting the word out about your product. If you wish to market your products by using email lists, be sure to be honest and enthusiastic about your offer, and make it as enticing as possible. It is important to always include your contact information as many people will only buy a product after they have talked to a salesperson. It’s good to know how you can use an email list but how do you get one? There are three main ways of getting email lists. The first one is by using a free list service. This option is not recommended because most emails sent using this option will likely to end up in a person’s SPAM box. Another negative factor about free email lists is that they are usually not very extensive. Most sites have a free option, but will only send your email to 20-100 mail recipients. You may also consider buying an email list. This can be quite expensive, and many times the lists are a combination of other lists found on the web. The best way to create target lists is by collecting email addresses using professional software. It may not be as easy as it sounds but you will get a desirable feedback. First of all you need to do a research about your audience and create keywords that you would like your visitors and customers associate with. Next step is to find and specify web and other sources that would be used to collect email addresses. Then configure your software so it hunts only the right and working emails. All these processes will take some time but effective preparation of your e-mail list will result in great business rewards. You can generate professional and targeted email lists with Atomic Email Hunter software. Atomic Email Hunter is an email extractor designed to harvest e-mail addresses and user names from the search engines or specific web sites. With Atomic Email Hunter collecting email addresses is as easy as using the Internet search engines. Type in the desired keywords and the Hunter will gather the top ranked pages directly from Google or other search engines that you choose. Our keyword search is a unique and useful feature which does not exist in other popular email extractors. Atomic Email Hunter provides a variety of filters for scanning web pages. You can limit the depth of scanning and paths. The program is flexible and easy to use. In most cases all that is needed to get results is to enter a valid URL or type several keywords in search bar. Atomic Email Hunter is a very fast program and supports multi-threaded page loading. The harvester requires limited PC resources and can run quietly in the background on any computer that is running Windows with a connection to the Internet. Atomic Email Hunter does not depend on any additional software and it can work through proxy servers.
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