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“Thank You” Email Marketing Technique – Kindness May Boost Your Sales

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Hey guys,

Hope you are doing great! I want to share a special Thank-You email marketing technique with you, it’s one of the basic ones, so your sales will increase after implementing this one.

We all know that email marketing is all about building lasting and loyal customer relationships, that is a cornerstone of successful email campaigns and list building.

The Thank-You technique I want to discuss is extremely simple and you will be shocked how great it works. All you need to do is set an auto-responder that emails your customers after each and every sale. In your message you should say Thank-You for the purchase and offer a discount coupon or useful materials to your customer, i.e. an e-book or how-to guide. This is how you will leave a good long-lasting impression of your brand and “push” your customer to buy again.

Also conversational greetings (such as birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries) become a good reason to reach out to and talk to customers and should be different in feel from the ever-present invitation to buy, buy, buy. Small gifts like e-books, coupons, discounts, guides and some special reports are best for this.

As you see this is so simple, and simple things are the best ones so I hope this short email marketing technique will help you a lot! :)

“Thank You” Email Marketing Technique – Kindness May Boost Your Sales
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Responses (6) on "“Thank You” Email Marketing Technique – Kindness May Boost Your Sales"

  1. Thanks. Short but sweet.

  2. This Thank-You technique is just great, yes, I used to use autoresponder for this one, but after this article I should improve this tactic a little bit.


  3. we do practice it & it works

  4. To say thanks is a good way to make relations, so thanks for your technique.