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    Atomic Mail Sender

    Atomic Mail Sender 9.61

    A survey added.

    Atomic Mail Sender 9.60

    SSL version updated to 1.0.2u.

    Added the option of highlighting emails and coping to the clipboard in the Recipient tab, added the hotkey "Ctrl+C".

    A sending report encoding fixed.

    The error "00BC5AB6 in module" fixed, which occurred when a message is sent  by means of a proxy server.

    Atomic Mail Sender 9.55
    • Added option individual sender name for each SMTP
    • Added file for initial import of SMTP settings
    • Added setting to disable NOOP
    • Fixed errors after importing a file in the \”Addresses\” section
    • Changes have been made to the Tracker service
    Atomic Mail Sender 9.50
    • New email templates added.
    • Implemented segmentation of mailing lists (the Recipients tab – Create new segment). Added the option of custom attachments for each segmented email list.
    • Fixed a gradient issue in the HTML editor.
    • Resolved an issue that prevented an email campaign resuming after it\’s been paused.
    Atomic Mail Sender 9.44
    • Added new function – delete incorrect addresses in the Address book
    • Incorrect addresses in Address book highlighted red color now
    Atomic Mail Sender 9.43
    • Blacklist: added feature to block sending by a mask
    • SSL libraries updated
    • Added the ability to embed a link to Instagram
    • Bounce Analyzer:
    1. Original messages are no longer saved;
    2. Only the last 100 checks are saved in the connection log;
    3. User tags have disappeared from checked messages
    • Link Check:
    1. Fixed error when opening;
    2. Some http links were considered invalid
    • Fixed minor bugs
    Atomic Mail Sender 9.42
    • Bug when adding account into Bounce Analyzer fixed
    • Create and send a bug report to the customer support when software registration issues take place
    Atomic Mail Sender 9.41
    • Advertising panels
    • Pre-defined SMTP servers were added
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