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    Atomic Email Verifier

    Atomic Email Verifier 10.10
    • The error “A call to an OS function failed” fixed
    Atomic Email Verifier 10.01
    • Software installer refactoring
    • Added the “Keep the MX record” checkbox to the Export wizard
    • Email addressees import optimization
    Atomic Email Verifier 10.00
    • Export of filters from the program Common settings was added
    • Column "MX record" to the workspace was added, with the ability of further export
    • Option of filtering and removing hidden characters in the email address field, when importing a contact list, was added
    Atomic Email Verifier 9.44
    • Fixed program crash when copying log information
    • Memory space used by Verifier was significantly reduced as a result of data storage format changing
    Atomic Email Verifier 9.43
    • Some bugs were fixed
    • Stabilization of the program functionality
    Atomic Email Verifier 9.42
    • Additional verification method Catch-All was added
    • Updated the list of templates to responses
    • Fixed the bug when obviously fictional addresses (like @remax.net) were defined as valid
    Atomic Email Verifier 9.41
    • Export bugs were fixed (changed export component)
    • Error that occured when delete duplicates was fixed
    • The feature to verify on Facebook was deleted
    Atomic Email Verifier 9.40
    • Updated version includes new function for determining the disposable email addresses
    • Optimized statistics of the verified results

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