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    8 Types of Emails that Should be Dumped From Your Email List

    Email list is the real and only treasure in every email marketer’s life, as the good email list is the only thing such specialists need. This is why it’s so important to keep your list clean, updated and of high quality. To achieve these standards you need to manage your email list the right way. I want to show you 8 different types of email accounts you should remove from list. The sooner you clean your database, the faster you will get better results for your email campaigns! Email address types to delete from the list If you want your […]

    Do You Run Legal Email Campaigns? Top 9 Aspects to Check!

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! Email marketing is a great and the greatest tool to promote your products and services, but only if you do it in the right way. The most tricky question in the email marketing niche is the legality question. Each country has its own rules for email marketers and you need to be sure to follow them to stay white-hat and legal. Reputation means so much in email marketing, that’s why I would like to provide you with the list of top 9 aspects to check your email campaign legality with! Opt-in: Do you send opt-in […]

    17 Tips on How to Create Perfect Email Signature

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! I would like to provide you with the list of tips that will help you to create perfect email signature. 1. Keep it as laconic as you can, but be sure to provide all the important information. 4 lines is some kind of accepted standard. 2. Use pipes (|) or colons (::) to separate text within the line and condense information. 3. Back to the roots – simple plain text is best; skip colors, custom fonts and images. 4. Always use the accepted signature delimiter (– ) to help your signature get recognized as […]

    3 Email Marketing Mistakes That Most Marketers Make

    Hey Guys, Hope you’re doing great! I’ve posted many articles about mistakes in email marketing and from year to year I see that some mistakes are still actual. We, email marketing specialists, are the ones who develop and push email marketing, if we make such mistakes we just make the email marketing progress slower. I’ve prepared a compilation and explanation of 3 email marketing mistakes that most marketers still make. 1.  One message to reach them all. All the people and people of different niches have different needs. If you send the same message to executive/company holder and specialist/employee then […]

    Bringing Dead Email Subscribers to Life – 3 Strategies

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! We all know how each subscriber is important and how it’s sad to find “dead” (inactive) subscribers on your list. Some email marketers just delete them from the list, it’s not so bad, but it’s always possible to bring some of inactive subscribers to life and increase your list of active recipients. We do not support deleting inactive subscribers as it’s always worth bringing them back to your list. I would like to provide you with 3 strategies on reviving your dead subscribers. Let’s start! Strategy 1. The Cut-off. This is simple and straight […]

    5 Email Elements That Should Be A/B-Tested

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! You all have heard about different tests, including the popular one A/B test. I believe some of you tried it. Whether you are familiar with tests or not you probably know that’s it’s kind of a hard for newbie to choose what to test. I faced this problem when my friend asked me what are the key elements of an email campaign that should be tested. Here is the list I advised him, hope you find it helpful! Subject lines. It’s good to test all you can here – from words to tone. It’s […]

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