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    Why & How to Use Laconic and Short Email Messages

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! Sorry for no posts during the last week, I had a vacation. Now I feel full of bright thoughts and energy, and I would like to continue our email marketing conversations. Today I would like to talk about short and laconic emails. As you know more and more email marketing specialists advise using short, laconic and focused email messages instead of large ones. That’s a good point, I guess. I always like the emails that are short and easy to understand and take action. Email messages are sent to return in actions and traffic, […]

    Pinterest Can Improve your Email Marketing Campaigns

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! As you know Pinterest is the fastest growing social network in history with 20 million unique users these days. Pinterest is a very interesting social network, not only because of tons of useful pictures, but because of its business opportunities. Today I would like to discuss the ways you can improve your email marketing campaigns with the help of Pinterest. Actually, there are 3 ways you can use Pinterest for your email marketing campaigns: Emails containing Pinterest-generated content Emails prompting subscribers to follow your business on Pinterest Emails with the content your recipient will […]

    Email Copywriting Secrets – Write it Like a Boss

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! We all know how body of the email is important – it needs to be creative and catchy to provide you with the maximum output. Not all companies have their in-house copywriters, that are creative and marketing-addictive, but it’s really possible to become one and then create awesome email texts. Sure, I can’t make you super creative in 15 minutes, but I can show you some secrets that will make it easier to create an outstanding email content. Let’s start! 1. Write naturally. Choose the time of the day when you feel most creative […]

    Top 6 Everyday Email Marketing Mistakes with Solutions

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! It’s pleasure for me to provide you with email marketing tips and tricks so as discus common mistakes and provide you with solutions. I had few posts regarding popular email marketing mistakes and I see that this problem is still actual. I am subscribed to a lot of mailings and I’m not always happy with what I receive. Sure, the best emails I get are from large corporations or niche-related websites, but it’s really possible to make your mailings better and act like a large companies – with all the style and attitude. Today […]

    4 Tips for a Perfect Email Headline

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! Subject line catches attention a lot, so does an email headline. These two pieces of text are your chance to catch subscriber’s attention. I used to write much about subject line techniques but never did it for a headline. This time I will walk you through the creation of a perfect email headline. Let’s start! 1. Open your mind. Forget about styles and details – first off, you should write down as many ideas as you can. No matter if they sound stupid to you – you need a list to choose from, to […]

    Email Statistics – Open, CTR & Unsubscribe Rates by Country/Industry

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! We all love statistics, and I’m really excited about the data I have for you today. Email marketing statistics I want to provide you with cover open rates, click-through rates and unsubscribe rates for different countries and industries. This is a great data to help you in strategy planning and campaign creation. No more words, please enjoy!

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