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How to Create Perfect Thank-You Emails – Top 5 Tips and Tricks

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing well! Today I will provide you with 5 tips on creating a perfect thank-you email. Thank-you email is the part of email marketing, that lets the other see the level of your skill in email marketing, as it’s harder than just prepare a mass-mailing and then sit and wait for […]

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Top 3 Values Your Email Marketing Campaigns Should Consist Of

Each and every of your emails sent to your recipients should grab their attention, keep them updated and make them act (subscribe, buy, pre-order, etc.). Only valuable information can accomplish such goals and transform your subscribers into customers. This is what I want to talk about today – what are the TOP 3 values of […]

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How to Get More Fans for a Business-Page on Facebook? Quick Tips!

Building a fan-base on Facebook is a really hard thing for small business and small organizations. And the worst  thing here is advertising. People join Facebook to interact, share interesting content, communicate and enjoy  virtual life, and advertising or mass invites is not something they would like. I want to share some short delicate  fan-adding […]

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7 Quick Mobile Email Marketing Optimization Tips

Reaching as many customers and leads as possible is the main rule of successful email marketing, and mobile technologies grant the access to new markets. You can extremely increase your open and conversion rates by offering a mobile version of you mailing – let people choose. Here are 7 quick mobile email marketing optimization tips: […]

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Round 2, Atomic Mail Sender vs. Craigslist: Avoiding Craigslist’s Mailing Limits by using Atomic Mail Sender

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing really well. Atomic Email Hunter can harvest thousands of targeted emails from Craigslist now. This battle is won, and now it’s time for another one – time to avoid the Craigslist’s mailing ban for hitting the mass mailing limit. Thanks to Atomic Mail Sender this time, ’cause I will show […]

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Email Marketing Secret 2011 – Atomic Email Hunter vs. Craigslist 1:0

Hey guys, Just yesterday I was asked to check how Atomic Email Hunter works with the well-known website The question was in a “famous” Craigslist’s limit – 100 pages/emails limit to crawl. Craigslist has been limiting access to automatic software to its pages by restricting to visit/crawl more than 100 pages.  And how was […]

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Top 4 Mailing Types You Should Contact Your Subscribers With in 2011

Greetings guys, Hope you’re doing well! Summer is up, sun is shining, and so should your email campaigns, really. Today I would like to provide you with the top 4 mailing types you should include in your email campaigns in 2011. Combining these types will let you to boost your conversion rates and satisfy your […]