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Top 5 Email Marketing Tips to Stay Modern in 2011

Greetings, Hope you’re doing really great, ’cause today is the day to talk about the key moments of email marketing in 2011. We had a chance to test and prove few important techniques this year , so I’m going to provide you with the list of most important aspect of modern email marketing. Are you […]

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How to Optimize an Email Marketing Campaign? Top 4 Golden Techniques.

What is the most important aspect of each and every email marketing campaign? Right, email list. Email list and your email letter (design, content) are the only 2 parts of email campaign that can be optimized by measuring and evaluating your email marketing statistics. So I am going to provide you with top 4 email […]

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Top 5 Ways to Use Social Media in Email Marketing Campaigns

Every mention of your brand online is good, unless it’s super bad – this is the reason why I want to discuss top 5 ways on how to use social media channel to boost and brand your email marketing campaign. Social media websites are the brain of all internet – millions of people are free […]

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Top 5 Tips on How to Search-Optimize Your Images and Generate Free Traffic

Hope you all are doing great! Today I want to discuss some top tips on how to search-optimize your website images and generate free traffic by using these techniques. You may not believe it’s possible to get good amount of traffic to your website just because of few images placed and optimized. I got the […]

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Which Social Media is the Best for Content-Sharing and Linking to Your Content?

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing well. I just have stumbled upon a very interesting chart which shows the top social media websites for link-sharing and linking to your content. As we all know content (posts, messages) is the most important part of all social networks, and this is how it’s used to link to your […]

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TOP 4 Reasons Why People Unsubscribe. Stop Losing Subscribers!

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! Today I would like to discuss top 4 reasons why people unsubscribe from the email lists. “-1 subscriber” is probably the worst notification for all of email marketers. The key aspect is – if some person leaves your list, then there is something he does not like. There are […]

comments 28.04.2011 Paul Shuteyev @ Email Marketing, Email Newsletters, Internet Marketing Strategies

TOP 9 Email Marketing Aspects to Test. BONUS Ideas and Tricks Included!

Hey guys, hope you’re doing great!  Today I want to provide you with the list of Top 9 email marketing aspects you should apply your tests to. We all know how split-tests are important, and that tests are the basics of development and improvement, especially in email marketing niche. I will try to keep it […]