Email links and high CTR

    by Serge
    Hi guys, Hope you are doing great! If you deal with email marketing, obviously you are doing it not just to have fun. Any email marketing campaign has its purpose, and in most cases, this purpose comes down to lead generation. Sure, when making an email marketing campaign, you consider hundreds of ways to engage your contacts. But it is important to understand that email is just an informative tool referring your clients to an actual sales tool—whether that is your website, online store, or social network. In this regard, it is important to understand which links are effective in your lead engagement. In other words: have you ever thought about which links are being clicked more often? According to statistics gathered by Hubspot, there are 6 main types of links used in emails to generate leads. Let’s review them and try to discover the most effective link for lead generation: Primary Call-to-Action Link This is the link to the target action. In other words, this link refers to the action you desire your customer to carry out. For example, if you deal with online services assuming user profile registration, your primary call-to-action should consist of asking people to activate their profiles. activation account email Social Media Sharing Links This type of links allows your clients to share email content with users within social networks. If they find content valuable, they may want to share it with their friends. Adding this option to your email significantly raises the chances of spreading content from your email beyond your mailing contacts list. form b2b marcketing sccuccess Social Media Follow Links This type of link allows your recipients to follow your company on social networking channels. The idea is that if your recipients are satisfied with your email content, they might also like to follow your company to receive more information from other channels, like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. Follow-me-wordpress-plugin The P.S. Link The link located in the P.S. has already proved a very powerful email marketing approach, as it attracts recipients’ attention. Here, you can insert a link referring to the main call-to-action, or an introduction to alternative offer. using links in footer Link in Plain-Text Version of the Email Last but not least is the option to create a plain-text version of your HTML email. Plain-text emails remove all images, leaving just the text of your message. generate plain text email Now that you know all the variants of engagement, you are probably wondering which variant is the most effective. The winner here is the primary call-to-action, which is no surprise! If your subject line contains a special offer, then your recipients will surely respond to your email’s primary call-to-action. If you deal with newsletters, digests, or similar mailings, you should carefully monitor specific call-to-action links that are being clicked by your subscribers. By doing this, you can identify the content your recipients are most interested in.
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