Email Marketing Rainbow

    by Paul Shuteyev
    rainbow Hey guys, Hope you're doing great! Email marketing design is one of my favorite topics - this is where advertising, coding and art meet. I've written a lot about email formatting and even more about marketing itself, and this time I would like to provide you with more info on the niche of email marketing art, especially colors. Which colors to choose, meanings of the colors and some examples. Please enjoy! Let's start with the table that shows the meaning of colors. The way recipients and subscribers feel them.
    • dark blue - grave, intelligent, sated
    • purple - elegant, mysterious, exotic
    • red - exciting, dangerous, hungry
    • light yellow - breezy, optimistic, carefree
    • dark yellow - oppressive, overpowering
    • pink - gentle, soothing, pacifying
    • gray - practical, timeless
    • green - restful, uplifting
    • brown - stable, genuine
    • black - elegant, classy
    • orange - ambitious, cheerful
    • white - clean, safe
    And some examples, as promised: Cafe - red. Appetite increasing color. If their logo and signs are usually hunter green and navy, they could use a dark maroon to match. If their branding is bright, they could use crimson. Financial niche - combination from white, blue, brown and grey. Trustful colors, suggest intelligence, safety and stability. Web Service - combination from orange and blue or green and yellow. Modern and juicy colors that motivate to start as soon as possible and gain success.
    Written by:
    Paul Shuteyev
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