Creating Perfect Email Pop-Up for Your Website

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Hey guys, Hope you're doing great! What's the most precious thing for all the email marketers? Right, the email list! Hope all of you understand why buying or using third-party email lists is wrong, so I want to discuss email list building today. Email Pop-Ups are one of the most old and interesting email list building tools - and I guess this never gets old. Some of you may think it's easy as 1-2-3 to create some kind of pop-up asking for an email sign up, but it isn't. Creating perfect email pop-up is as important and interesting as creating a good email design, email copy, etc. I would like to provide you with few steps on how to create a good email pop-up for your website, and when I say good I mean one that converts good and brings you more and more subscribers. Perfect email pop-up should be: 1.) Relevant. It should be topic-related, not just "subscribe to our newsletter". Make it like an addition to your content, make it look like a gate to more valuable info on this exact topic. 2.) Catchy, not annoying. Sometimes it's better to have it as a slider or as a dynamic header, rather than straight pop-up that's "jumping out" as the person clicks. 3.) On time. Think about the right timing - it's better to show your email pop-up to 100 visitors who spent more than 2 minutes reading your articles than to all the 1000 people who visited your website. 4.) Interesting. Just like your email design or your email copy, your email pop-up should be really interesting. Try to mix the sign-up call-2-action with: *Surveys *Special offers *Personalization *Gamification *Quizzes, and more. Here is a quick example of what bad email pop-up and good email pop-up look like: The bad one - bad-email-pop-up And the good one - good-email-pop-up good-email-pop-up-2
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    Paul Shuteyev
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