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Email Marketing Techniques 2010 – Avoiding SPAM-Words. Lists included.

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SPAM Statitistics 2010[/caption]

Hi friends,

Let’s talk a little bit about SPAM. About its right side this time. This will help you with getting higher open-rates and click-through-rates. Good, so how do ISPs block SPAM emails? There are two ways – first one is about a database with blacklisted emails, senders’ IPs, and messages flagged as spam by email client users. The second is about SPAM filters – that’s what I want to talk about.

  • How do SPAM filters work?
  • How do they search for “wrong” words and block emails?

These email “watch dogs” (I mean SPAM filters) are used by most Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) as well as private customers. While this software does block out Spam, it can also block legitimate emails as well. Understanding how Spam filters work can help prevent non-delivery problems, or being labeled a ‘spammer’ unfairly.

Please notice that we are fighting SPAM with our Email Marketing tactics – this article will help you to avoid SPAM-filters and being labeled ‘spammer’ unfairly.

Normally, email filters examine the words in the email “subject line”. This is the header that you see when an email shows up in your email box. A good subject line can encourage people to actually click on and open an email (more on this in lesson seven), but you need to exercise care when creating your subject headings to prevent filtering.

Frequently, more sophisticated anti-spam methods used by ISPs use a “point system” that identifies trigger phrases commonly used by Spam. If an email goes over the “points” it is filtered out, and is never delivered to a customer.

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Some of the more commonly used phrases that ISPs and mail clients filter out include:

50% off!
Click Here
Call now!
Earn $
Eliminate Debt
Double your income
You’re a Winner!
Reverses Aging
Information you requested
“Stop” or “Stops”
Lose Weight

Act Now!
All New
All Natural
Avoid Bankruptcy
As Seen On…
Buy Direct
Consolidate Your Debt
Special Promotion
Easy Terms
Get Paid
Guarantee, Guaranteed
Great offer
Give it away, Giving it away
Join millions
Meet Singles
No cost, No fees

Multi level Marketing
Million Dollars
Cash Bonus
Promise You
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Serious Cash
Search Engine Listings

One time
Online pharmacy
Online marketing
Order Now
Please Read
Don’t Delete
Save up to
Time limited
Unsecured debt or credit
Visit our web site
While Supplies last
Why pay more?
Work at home
You’ve been selected

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Written by: Paul Shuteyev

I am an internet-marketing specialist.