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Is it Possible to Crawl 700,000 Emails from Facebook in 30 minutes?


Hey, guys!
It’s technical experiment – is it really possible to extract emails from Facebook. Now it’s even more interesting – it’s a contest.

We have such limits:

  • Only 30 minutes of time
  • Using only One piece of software
  • Crawling emails from most popular and secure social network – Facebook (Guys we really respect You and your Best-Ever Social Network – and we’re not going to use these emails in any way, period!)

Let’s see how it goes. A live video included! See Below!

Is it Possible to Crawl 700,000 Emails from Facebook in 30 minutes?
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Written by: Paul Shuteyev

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Responses (14) on "Is it Possible to Crawl 700,000 Emails from Facebook in 30 minutes?"

  1. this is really nice & helpful

  2. Hola , queria felicitarte, pues tu pagina es exelente
    te mando un abrazo .

  3. Please email me. Where do I buy this software?

  4. Where can this software be purchase?

  5. Greatest video I’ve ever seen! half an hour, one tool and more than half a million emails. Great!

  6. vaja kontrollida:)

    (translation: need to be checked :) )

  7. yeh, bullshit. This is a pre created video. do you thinik facebook will allowe this shit? NEVER!

  8. its not working, all the emails i get are from facebook stuff

    • Hint: Search through groups and fanpages, the big ones. I.e. Mafia Wars facebook group or fan page :)

      • no no no no! stop scamming people! THIS IS FAKE! IT WILL NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO SEARCH FACEBOOKS EMAILS! any email in a database cannot be taken as its in a DATABASE! and DATABASE = SECURE!

        you think facebook is stupid? STOP scamming THESE PEOPLE!

        • Scamming? huh! check this out

          there are so many groups where people leave their emails! Scam yeah? Just crawl these emails and you will have thousands of targeted email addresses.

          • the link you have provided is just a load of emails that have been searched from anywhere that someone has posted on facebook. ANYONE CAN DO THAT.

            This software claims it can search through facebooks database and extract emails that belonging to users. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!

            This software CAN NOT go into facebooks datatbase and extract emails.

            THIS IS A SCAM! and a FAKE! so stop taking peoples money.

          • Show me where it claims it can search through facebook’s database. It can search through pages only. It’s enough to extract thousands of emails from pages where real facebook users leave their emails for exchange, i.e. to add more buddies or neighbors in games.

            No scam here. Still targeted.

  9. Wonderful article. I was checking constantly to this blog and I am so inspired!