Spend It To Make It

    by Dave Hughes
    Everyone wants marketing for nothing and their traffic for free. (My apologies to Dire Straits.) And there are a lot of ways to get it done. But sometimes you want more for various reasons:
    • You're launching a new product.
    • You're offering a new service.
    • You need your overall traffic numbers up.
    • After months of using free traffic-building methods, you still have that "lonely" feeling every time you check your stats.
    If so, it may be time to take a trip into "Business ClichèLand"..."To make money, you have to spend money." And there are a lot of ways to do just that to increase your online business presence.
    • Buy pay-per-click advertising from services like Google's Adwords.
    • Purchase an opt-in email list for a marketing campaign.
    • Offer an affiliate program to increase your marketing efforts, using a service such as Clickbank...or make your own! (The good side of this is that, for the most part, it only costs money when sales are made!)
    • Purchase posts or reviews on popular blogs. (Yes, this can be done, through services like PayPerPost, ReviewMe!, etc.)
    • Purchase signature links from members of forums in your target niche.
    Of course, it's more than possible to become very successful without spending a dime, but it's just as possible to spend a lot of money to become a dismal failure and wind up living under a bridge in a cardboard box. Do your research. All advertising is not created equal, especially for your product. The above is a very small list of different types of advertising you can spend your hard-earned money on. What methods have you used that were successful? What methods were a failure for you, and why do you think that happened?
    Written by:
    Dave Hughes
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