Hello “Customer” Isn’t Effective In Email Marketing

    by Dave Hughes
    Email marketing can be one of the most effective ways of improving your business, but there's one simple step you can take to improve how your email campaign is received. Whenever possible, address your customer by their name. Simple, right? Unfortunately, it's not obvious to quite a few online marketers. Everyone has received basic spam email marketing messages in their inbox, and most of the time it's either a generic message, or a message that addresses someone by name...just not yours. This is why using your customer's name can make you stand out from everyone else. When you say "Listen to this, Bob!" instead of just "Listen to this!", you're going to get more "buy-in" at the very beginning of your message, because one of the most powerful words you can say to someone during a sales process is that person's name. When collecting your potential customer's email address during the opt-in process, look at the feasibility of also collecting at least their first name, if not their full name. This can be used to customize your email marketing message for each recipient, which can lead to a much higher conversion rate than a generic message. Also, including the subscriber's name will also assist your message in getting past spam filters, since true spam won't have access to the recipient's name. Most good list managers (such as Atomic List Manager) will allow you to customize your list with names, making this process much easier. However you do it, using your customer's name in your email marketing strategy will improve your conversion ratio from your campaign...give it a try!
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    Dave Hughes
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