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Why Use Email Marketing?

Inevitably, when the subject of email marketing comes up while deciding the marketing strategy for a business, the word “spam” is spoken, followed by “Why would we use email to market ourselves?”

Because it works, that’s why.

Your ROI (Return On Investment) with email marketing can easily be higher than any other form of marketing you do, provided you do it well. But don’t take my word for it…Datran Media conducted a survey of over 2,000 marketers in December 2007. Their results?

Overall, 82 percent of the marketers surveyed by Datran Media indicated that they plan to increase their use of email marketing in 2008, and 55 percent of the respondents cite that they expect ROI from email to be higher than any other channel. Datran Media’s survey results are consistent with the Direct Marketing Association’s recent report, which found the ROI from email is much higher than other channels. In fact, email ROI will hit $45.65 for every dollar spent in 2008, more than twice the ROI of other mediums including search and display.

There were several interesting results from this survey. For example:

3. Which advertising media buys perform strongly for your company? (select all that apply)


And this one:

9. Do you believe email has helped boost sales through other channels?


The answer to the question at the top of this article is indeed simple…

Why use email marketing? To get results with a good ROI.

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Written by: Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes has been in writing and advertising for over twenty years, and loves the opportunity to share what he's learned.