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e-Marketing Trick: Use sounds!

Future of Internet Marketing- Emerging Trends

According to trend watchers of Internet Marketing, the near future will see websites getting more personalized as they cater to niche markets and consumers. Internet marketing through audio newsletters will become a more convenient tool for the target audience. An audio file can be placed with an html code easily. Herein the experts also foresee enhanced usage of podcasts, personalized and interactive audio newsletters and WebPages.


How Does Audio Work

If you are selling products and services on your website, you can simply add audio onto your sales letter. People tend to retain sounds more readily in their memory than the material they read. Reading material is cold and impersonal, whereas well-spoken words are warmer and more personal. It is easier to influence your prospective customers through your audio.


e-Marketing Trick: Use sounds!
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Responses (2) on "e-Marketing Trick: Use sounds!"

  1. I’d recomend that the sound off by default, like many websites currently, be utilize. Another idea would be asking users to activate the sound feature, or capturing their preferences for sound on/off during delivery of future messages, and dynamically generating the appropriate delivery source at the time of message composition.

    Consider these factors when testing evaluating the functionality of this:

    – Unknown volume (too loud, too soft, none at all?) for recipients accessing your messages, especially in public or at work.

    – Unknown Media support, Not all user systems support rich media or sound files in the expected way.

    – User experience – Are they going to like this or are they going to simply move away from your message, or worse yet report it as spam?

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