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    by Paul Shuteyev

    Marketing Without Selling (true secrets by articlemarketingmagic)

    All we want to run successful and really monetized e-marketing business. It's always good, but may vary from good enough to really fresh-and-impossible. That's what I call real marketing. Not just making soemthing like an others, but make it unique, stylish! This article is about how to write articles - not just an average article like millions on the web, but really catchy and groovy article. Solutions provided by Fireligh studios. 

    One of the keys to successful Article Marketing is to never deliver a sales pitch. A good article will inform, inspire, entertain, or instruct. It will never promote your product or service directly.



    Indirect marketing is marketing that delivers a message that is direct to the need of the reader, but which is independent of your business.

    A signature line at the bottom drops a discreet invitation to check out what you can offer. It does it more as an afterthought, “Oh, and by the way, just in case you are interested, this is who I am, what I do, and where you can find me to learn even more.”

    This kind of marketing has tremendous power. See, people LIKE people who are generous and kind. When you take the time to inform objectively, they respond to that. A good marketing article always presents facts from an objective point of view. It offers good information about ALL of the choices, not just the one you offer, and explains why different choices might be right for different situations.

    When you give someone information that helps them think “Ah-ha! I get it now!”, or which makes them laugh, gives them a moment of warmth, or accurately instructs them in what they need to know, you have given them a gift. It helps them to feel that you have their well-being at heart. Everyone likes to feel that about someone whom they need to trust to deliver on their word.

    Some no-nos with article marketing are:

    • Including a link to your products or affiliate items in the text of the article.
    • Writing articles about your products only.
    • Telling people why your product is better.
    • Anything else that is a blatant ad instead of objective information.


    Drop your signature line at the bottom. Make it informative, and compelling, but do not make it a pushy sales pitch either. Just leave it there for them if they want it. Some will. Some won't. Those who do follow it though will be higher quality traffic than those from search engines, because they already feel they know you a little – and that is a powerful advantage.

    Indirect marketing takes a bit more subtlety and patience than direct marketing, but it yields a rich return in time, and continues to reward you year after year.

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    Paul Shuteyev
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