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    How to Write a Marketing Email

    In the current era of digital advancement, email continues to stand out as a formidable weapon in the marketer’s toolkit. It represents a direct conduit to your target audience, affording you the chance to deliver customized messages, showcase offerings, and cultivate lasting connections with customers. However, the art of constructing a successful marketing email goes beyond mere word arrangement. It entails comprehending your audience, enthralling their interest, and serving as a wellspring of inspiration for action. Within this extensive manual, we will escort you through the journey of crafting marketing emails that authentically strike a chord and yield impactful outcomes. […]

    Digital Marketing Webinars That You Can’t Skip

    We prepare a list of new and effective webinars, so you are able to improve your skills. Let’s start together!

    Email Marketing Strategy Tips: How To Improve Your Email Campaign

    Want to know about the innovations in digital marketing? We’ve collected some news about it. You will find out about the dark regime of Gmail, interactive emails and the disappearance of call centres. Be the first to read and learn about the changes!

    Yahoo DMARC Changes/”Message not accepted for policy reasons”

    Learn about Yahoo’s recent changes to DMARC policy and what they mean for email service providers.

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    Excellence Award 2011 – Atomic Mail Sender

    Celebrating together! Atomic Mail Sender has been awarded by Top 10 Reviews with the “Excellence Award 2011”. We have received our prize and would like to share our joy with you! Please see photos below.

    Atomic Lead Extractor – Extracting Leads Has Never Been So Easy!

    Hi Marketers! What is the cornerstone of a good marketing campaign? Right, leads. We have released a product called Atomic Lead Extractor – extracting leads has never been so easy. Just enter keywords, or specify a website or websites and lead extractor will provide you with tons of leads, including emails, names, phone numbers, IM contacts. All you need to do now is just prepare a good content and reach them via email sender or similar software. Do not lose your time and money if there’s such automatic advertising solution like Atomic Lead Extractor available. Atomic Lead Extractor will help […]

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