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With such a fast-paced and ever changing industry as email marketing, keeping track of the new advancements and happenings becomes quite a chore. Be not afraid! We’re here to help you always stay on the ball at any time of year. The most vital email marketing news gathered in one place by Atompark, your email marketing service provider.

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Digital Marketing Webinars That You Can’t Skip

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We prepare a list of new and effective webinars, so you are able to improve your skills. Let’s start together!

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3 News That Change Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email news

Want to know about the innovations in digital marketing? We’ve collected some news about it. You will find out
about the dark regime of Gmail, interactive emails and the disappearance of call centres. Be the first to read and learn about the changes!

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Yahoo DMARC Changes/”Message not accepted for policy reasons”


Learn about Yahoo’s recent changes to DMARC policy and what they mean for email service providers.

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What about Off-line Marketing and Events,Huh? (Statistics 2013)

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! We all know that online business needs online advertising and online events for its marketing campaigns. But all the clients of online businesses are real people, not just users or credit cards. That’s why offline marketing events are so important for your branding and reputation. Today we are participating […]

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StartUp Business FAIL/WIN Statistics

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! Few years ago startup mania started. Thousands of e-projects gained popularity, but even more failed. On the one hand startup is a goldmine of investments, on the other – the whole team needs to work hard and fight for every visitor, every sale in the beginning. Here is a […]

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Why to try SMS Marketing?

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! Many of you know we launched Mass SMS Service few years ago, adding SMS products to our email marketing niche. Just like email marketing sms marketing is a good option for direct advertising – it’s even more personal and trustful. I would like to provide you with a good […]

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Valentine’s Day Gifts – Free Email Templates from AtomPark Software

Hey guys, St. Valentine’s Day is coming and we would like to make our clients, readers and visitors a little more happier with our special gift This time we have created 5 St. Valentine’s Email Templates for you! But before you download and start using our new-hot-n-sexy email templates we want to wish you only […]