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    Communicate with your clients and prospects through advertisements, alerts, notifications, and other types of text messages

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    How to start
    sending bulk SMS

    Bulk text messaging is a perfect instant broadcasting technology. The simplest way to start your SMS campaign it’s to send bulk SMS messages right from your browser.


    Create an SMS Sender account


    Choose dynamic sender ID


    Enter your recipients’ phone numbers or upload the list of recipients


    Type a short message or choose text from the templates


    Click “Send” and your message will be sent to your country or worldwide immediately!

    Upon creating your account, you get 10 free SMS to test how SMS Sender works

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    One account, many ways to send

    Send SMS from the Atomic SMS Sender web service, via the API, and from the desktop application.
    Choose one of the methods or use all of them at the same time.

    SMS API integration

    Atomic SMS Sender supports SMS gateway integration with a free connection. Any project can be effectively complemented by sending and monitoring SMS delivery.

    See integrations and API description

    Send bulk SMS online

    Sing up and send SMS online through your personal account at Atomic SMS Sender.

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    Atomic SMS Sender Desktop

    It is a professional software for sending bulk text SMS via the Internet. Install Atomic SMS Sender Desktop on your computer and use it together with other AtomPark applications.

    Sing up and start sending SMS
    with Atomic SMS Sender

    Get 10 free SMS to test our service!

    Top up the account for send SMS from your SMS Sender control panel, or top up the account right now

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    SMS is one of the best tools for effective Internet marketing. Bulk SMS messaging is the best way to improve results. It helps to solve many problems: increase brand awareness, boost sales, support regular customers or seek new leads and so much more. That’s why sending out bulk SMS and organizing premium-quality SMS marketing campaigns with high speed & efficiency is important to any business. 

    Why sending SMS in bulk?

    SMS differs from other channels in its effectiveness and features that other channels don’t have.    

    SMS is fast & cheap.

    SMS is the lowest priced way to notify of payments for delivered items & services, extend business contacts, or engage the audience. Messages are delivered within seconds and are read by recipients within 3 minutes averagely! Left unnoticed, they may be viewed later, but never left unnoticed. 

    SMS messages have the high open rates.

    SMS is one of the most effective communication tools with clients. SMS ensures easy and convenient messaging in the right time & place. 90% of users read messages they get from an incoming SMS guaranteed.

    It is trustful & flexible.

    Build trusted relationships with the client, using mobile channels to the maximum because managing your marketing channels has never been so easy! You may use any provider that supports SMPP to send out your SMS. 

     It provides wide coverage of the target audience.

    There is no place on Earth left without mobile coverage. This’s still hard to say about the Internet, coverage. No Internet needed to open up a mobile channel for personalized messaging worldwide.

    What simple & free bulk SMS app to choose for complex work?

    If you need a reliable and compatible tool for launching SMS campaigns safe, fast and verified, without getting under Spam filters, you’re in the right place to start. Use Atomic SMS Sender solutions to boost your marketing results in any business, industry, or business niche. Atomic SMS Sender is a free bulk SMS app for complex work which may become your main lead generating tool.

    Why Atomic bulk SMS Sender

    • Convenient Web interface, 
    • Easy API integration, 
    • Sender ID, SMPP, HTTP, & SMTP. 
    • Operational support.
    • Superb technical support 24/7. 
    • Anti-Spam & Data protection.

    Aimed to maintain a connection with your leads & customers, the free bulk SMS app supports personalized communication all over the globe with no boundaries. A variety of SMS services available worldwide are at your disposal: 

    • Bulk Mailing, 
    • Program and API Gateway, 
    • Availability Checker,
    • Delivery Reports, and so much more.

    Address your clients by name via your bulk SMS free online campaigns to increase their loyalty and extend your business. Atomic Sender is equipped with solutions that allow to:

    • Use dynamic alphanumeric sender’s name,
    • Send SMS online in parts within a specified time intervals,
    • Launch global bulk SMS campaigns,
    • Send individual promo codes & other offers.
    • Participate in loyalty programs.

    Choose Atomic SMS messaging service to benefit your industry, business or niche

    The returning customer always has a higher value. That’s why Atomic SMS Sender is a great lead generation tool for your daily basis email marketing tasks, as well as your greater business goals. 

    With its help, you create any messaging scenarios for automatic SMS send-outs in no time & send individual messages, customized offers, or mass SMS depending on your current marketing goals. You may hunt for potential clients using high-quality SMS marketing.

    Our SMS Sender in addition to bulk emailing service is a perfect match if you need:

    • Send cold letters to the new buyers;
    • Send greetings to customers;

    • Share your business highlights;
    • Send «‎thank you messages» to the clients or give them  discounts to increase their loyalty & trust
    • Notify of bonuses & loyalty program options;
    • Send other promotions & news;
    • Organize transactional messages and so much more.

    Choose the most convenient internet service for bulk SMS mailings that allows a new-age instant messaging via SMS and other channels online. Feel free to send bulk SMS messages fast & free to boost your sales, keep in touch with your customers and stay ahead of your business competition with Atomic SMS Sender!

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