Atomic SMS Sender Main Features

Atomic SMS Sender is an online application that allows bulk SMS text messaging from your computer to cell phones.

  • 700 mobile operators in 200 countries support
  • Sends text messages in any language
  • SMS spoofing (set who the message appears to come from ) supported for most countries and carriers.
  • Unlimited message size - messages over 160 Latin symbols or 70 Unicode symbols are split into several parts
  • 10 free SMS to test our service
  • Template SMS - create any number of your text message templates.
  • Mass text sending by groups
  • Scheduler that allows you to send the mailing immediately or at any time you specify
  • Subscription forms featured with the SMS receiving date choise and individual design for placing on your website
  • Text messages delivery reports.

More Atomic SMS Sender Operating Features

  • You can send text message in GSM alphabet ( Latin, punctuation symbols etc.) or Unicode alphabet.
  • 1 SMS text message is limited to 160 GSM characters or 70 Unicode characters including space.
  • Long text messages must be broken into smaller parts, the character limit for each segment of a multi-part text message is lower than that of a single-part text message and will be 153 GSM or 67 Unicode characters. Such multi-part text message will be still shown to your recipient as a single message.
  • SMS Counter displaying information about the total length of your message is porvided in the service.
  • Sender ID ("SMS from" field) can be maximum 11 letters or 14 numbers in Unicode.
  • SMS message validity period is 24 to 48 hours. The Validity period defines the time the outgoing SMS message is trying to send to a cell phone which could be out of reach. If the message cannot be delivered after this period expires, the delivery is ceased.
  • SMS messages are typically delivered within a minute but can sometimes take a little longer.
  • API implemented to support interfacing with your applications and online projects.

SMS Unsubscribe

One of the functions offered by Atomic SMS is the ability to unsubscribe from receiving SMS messages. If the client does not want to get information from you, he or she can leave your list. He can do this by simply clicking the link in the message. Be careful when adding this type of reference, as it will increase the length of your message. Consider only including unsubscribe links in some messages instead of all of them.

The phone numbers of clients who have clicked this link go into an "Exceptions" list. It is impossible to remove phone numbers from this list. In future, no SMS messages will be sent to the phones on this list of exceptions. You can view information about unsubscribers in your account.

Those who work with the Atomic API interface can also apply the unsubscribe option. Just include the unsubscribe link—, where the "XXXXX" will be replaced by a required value—in your SMS message content.

This feature enables customers not to receive information from you and adds credibility to your company. SMS unsubscription destroys the myth of spam or junk e-mail.

Please view Atomic SMS Sender screenshots for a more complete picture of our sms sending service freindly usability.