Mass Text App for Android from Atompark Software

Ever wondered how to send mass text messages on your mobile device? The answer is here! It was long overdue, but we put our developers together and our mass text app for Android is finally out!

Mass texting works great when you have something to say and want to be heard: send mass sms with mobile app to your co-workers, friends, family, relatives, teammates and customers (if you are a business owner or a marketer). Extend your outreach and save your time!

AtomPark SMS

Now you do not need a computer to send bulk SMS messages. All you need is your phone or tablet connected to the Internet.

Got a party today and have to inform all your friends? Piece of cake! Just write a message, choose recipients from your contact list and here you go. And you can create recipient groups too. Neat, huh? And if you are a business owner and have an ongoing sale - use our mass text app to let all your customers use the opportunity. Sending group text messages has never been so simple!

When you have something to say to a group of people who are away from you - a group messaging app is what you need.


The main menu of the mass text app:

The native group text messaging has a lot of shortcomings: you can't send group messages anonymously and your recipients always know that they have recieved a group message. Apart from that, our mass text app allows you to send messages worldwide. The sky is the only limit!

mass text android app

Sending SMS may be bulk, as well as single. With "the Scheduler" option newsletter delivery can be delayed for some time. There is the possibility of adding an unsubscribe link in the message body. You can also send mass sms using variables, but only in the case if they already exist, and you added them in online service.

mass text app

Address books.Users can manage address books in the same way as in the online service: add them, delete, edit, add and delete recipients.

mass text ios app

Reports.After the message delivery reports are provided: delivery status, date and sent and delivered sms, handling costs. You can also view a detailed report on each campaign.

mass sms app

Exceptions. If the user has unsubscribed from receiving sms, telephone number automatically gets to the list of exceptions. In this case it is impossible to remove it from the list. You can also manually add users to this list. Such recipients may be removed from the list. Our mass text app is so recipient-friendly!

bulk sms app

Templates. Users can create sms templates to send the same text messages later without typing them again.




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If you want to find out how to mass text with our app and utilize all of its many beatiful features, you are more then welcome to contact our customer support. They are ready to provide you with everything you need to know about group messaging.

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