Atomic SMS Sender Gateway

SMS gateway usage helps to automate bulk sms sending and integrate Atomic SMS Sender service into various projects. We offer connection to Atomic SMS gateway free of charge.

There are 3 ways of using our SMS gateway to run successful bulk sms campaigns:

  • Web2SMS: use HTTP/HTTPS protocol to send text messages through XML POST requests (for integration please use Atomic SMS Sender API, have a look also at PHP implementation example);
  • Email2SMS: send your SMS via SMTP protocol through your favorite email client;
  • SMPP server. Register and then email your request for SMPP connection to providing your Atomic SMS Sender account email.


Use different programming languages to integrate the API

Example for PHP

Example for C#

Example for Java

Example for Perl

Example for Python

The basic SMS messaging pricing is as low as the price stated in Atomic SMS Sender account.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about Atomic text messaging online service or software, sms gateway, API or any other.

Please view Atomic SMS Sender screenshots for a more complete picture of our sms sending service freindly usability.

Commission fee on a transaction is fulfilled by the payer

4.9 % commission of the transaction value, but not less than 1 %