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Atomic Email Hunter

Email Collector Overview

Atomic Email Hunter is email collector software that allows you to collect email addresses on the web in a fast and automated fashion. Email addresses collector program makes email collecting easy and efficient and yields great results in a short period of time. You can generate leads in a matter of hours and start making your business known to thousands of people online using email collectors.

All that is required to start collect emails is to enter a valid URL or relevant keywords. Simple, isn't it? Check out the detailed overview of the email address collector in the video below:

How Does Email Collector Software Work?

As an email address collector, Email Hunter scans Internet websites for emails and collects them for further processing and saving. The scanning process is through search engines (the necessary ones are chosen from the 42 available) by submitting a search request as a key phrase or URL.

How to Collect Email Addresses on my Website?

Using our email collector software to collect contacts from a specific site is easy. Just run the email collector program and enter your site in the URL field. The program will collect all contacts from your site automatically. You can save the received data to a file in a format convenient for you.

Benefits of Using an Email Address Collector

Our email collector software was developed to collect email addresses from relevant web pages, so there are a lot of specific features to make email collecting more targeted:

  • Grabs email addresses from the Internet based on a keyword (not every email collector supports searching by keywords) and ignores hidden addresses.
  • Filters search results while collecting and skip non-effective domains.
  • Customizes limits for depth level and paths.
  • Defines multi-threaded spidering and proxy support to more quickly and safely collect emails.

It's not enough to simply collect email addresses from all available sources — every email marketer can tell that the trick is targeted and relevant emails. Our email collecting software has a whole range of features to make it possible to find emails of a specific type.

To launch our email address collector you need a computer connected to the Internet and a list of search queries. Email Hunter can collect emails in the background and requires few computer resources, so you'll get a list of relevant email addresses without you having to take any active part in the process.

Working with Atomic Email Hunter email collector software you do not need to install any third-party applications. You probably know that in order to collect email addresses in the most efficient way, email collector software must support proxy servers. Email Hunter allows you to detect and completely customize proxies, giving you more flexibility and preventing the program from being banned by websites.


When an email address collector collects email addresses it just copies them from websites, so you cannot know if they are valid. We suggest verifying each collected email to ensure its reliability. For sending newsletters use Atomic Mail Sender,- or try Atomic Email Studio  — a package of 9 programs for effective email marketing combined in one interface.


Save 30% with a package including 6 email address collectors

Additional Email Collecting Software

To reduce time spent to collect emails and save 30%, go to the Discounts & Special offers menu and order the "Massreach package" including a whole package of email collecting software:

  • Email Hunter collects email addresses from the Internet;
  • Email Logger grabs email addresses from your computer;
  • WhoIs Explorer scans the WHOIS database and collects emails of Internet domain owners;
  • Newsgroup Explorer searches through newsgroups and collects email addresses along with user names;
  • CD Email Extractor scans for emails on any CDs and DVDs;
  • Web Spider collects email addresses from website you visit, including password-protected websites.

Sometimes you have to use different programs to collect emails from websites, hard drives, CDs, or your email client. We've developed a whole bunch of programs, each serving its specific purpose, to present you with even more ways to find an audience for your business

Be Friendly to Other Sites

Even though our little friend website email collector is quite fast and never gets tired, we encourage you to take it easy and configure the program to collect emails from websites at a reasonable speed, in order to prevent the software and your IP address from being banned (just in case you forgot to turn on a proxy server).

Atomic Email Hunter Screenshots

Click on any screenshot to enlarge and see our email list collector in action. A larger screenshot will open in the current window.

Email Collector Software - Main Window

Email Collector Software - Search settings

Email Collector Software - MailBox plugin, extracting emails from email client

Email Collector Software - Email address export

Got Questions?

Even though our email collecting software is quite simple to use for novices, it hides a lot more under the hood than meets the eye. If you want to know more about what our little program is capable of, you can reach our support service or visit the support section of the website.