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  • YELP plugin to extract emails, phone numbers and other information
  • Craigslist plugin to extract emails from
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Craigslist plugin is developed to extract email addresses from It is free and is already integrated in Atomic Email Hunter.

Mailbox Plugin

To start working with plugin, click the corresponding button on the toolbar and see its settings.

The main parameters here are:

"Region" - The search can be processed according to region; for example, Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Caribbean, Oceania, the U.S.A., or Africa.

"Country/State" - Depending on what region you’ve selected, a list of countries or states (for the U.S.) will appear.

"Cities" - Select a city from the list. After you select a city, it will be added into the field labeled "Search in cities". Email address extraction will occur only for the selected cities.

Once all of the above parameters have been set, you can enter a keyword. The email address extraction process will run according to this keyword in the chosen city/cities.

Information on is categorized. With the Craigslist plugin, you can select the categories that you are interested in, from which your desired information will be extracted.