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    Latest news of software updates.

    Atomic Email Verifier

    Atomic Email Verifier 9.30
    • verification through web script in cases when your ISP blocks Port 25 was added
    • export to CSV file was added when using Export Wizard
    • verification start button was added
    Atomic Email Verifier 9.21
    • added the random usage of MAIL FROM from the list
    • additional display mode for the log
    • verification process was improved
    • some bugs were fixed
    Atomic Email Verifier 9.20
    • the verification of Yahoo email addresses was fixed
    • added the automatic detection if the port 25 blocked
    • DNS servers list with an automatic check
    • new displaying of check statuses
    • verification export results were re-designed
    • Latvian language
    • incorrect displaying of verification stats was fixed
    • a new feature of restoring the default settings was added
    • new program activation system was developed
    Atomic Email Verifier 9.10
    • proxy checker was added. Time estimate to verification finish was added.
    • proxy-checker usage algorithm was optimized.
    • it is possible to delete duplicates now. The function is available in context menu and right after list downloading.
    • caching queries while processing domain was fixed.
    • server responses processing was optimized.
    • some templates to filter responses were added.
    Atomic Email Verifier 9.01
    • domain verification by A (IP) record in case when MX record doesn’t exist was added (It slows down the verification process so you can activate this feature in common settings menu)
    • fixed error on loading and saving additional columns
    • fixed error on editing filter
    Atomic Email Verifier 9.00
    • data export was improved
    • errors, which occurred during the Facebook accounts search and search by emails, were fixed
    • Facebook users search is carried out in several streams: a separate thread for each account
    • syntax verification was significantly accelerated
    • an error, that caused the stop of verification process in «Check domain» was fixed
    • new interface of statistics verification process display on informational panel: separate data display checked, correct and incorrect emails.
    • approximate calculation of the verification completion time
    • verification progress is displayed on the Windows taskbar
    Atomic Email Verifier 8.10
    • Vietnamese Atomic Mail Verifier
    • Afrikaans for Atomic Mail Verifier
    • Hungarian Atomic Mail Verifier 8.0 (update)
    • The possibility to load data from the clipboard
    • New status “Waiting for connection” was added
    • Changes in the interface:
      • The menu that allowed to choose the verification type (Standard/Advanced) in the SMTP settings was removed. Now there’s only one available – Advanced.
      • The button “Advanced Settings” that allows adjusting timeouts for domains was added in the SMTP settings
      • “Export to OpenOffice” button was added
    • An error, that occurred when there was no internet connection, was fixed.
    • The addresses verification process was improved; errors, which occurred during the verification process through proxy servers, were fixed
    • Export and import lists now load much faster
    • Contact list export and editing processes were optimized
    • Improvements were made in the email address syntax verification process.
    Atomic Email Verifier 8.00
    • Verify with Facebook
    • Support for importing files from Open Office and back
    • Optimized scanning threads
    • Added Vietnamese, Lithuanian and Estonian languages
    • Improved statuses of email addresses
    • Expanding opportunities to use hot keys
    • Added the ability to add / edit templates of email status verification.
    • Improvements and fixes in the interface
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