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    Latest news of software updates.


    Atomic Whois Explorer 8.00
    New features:
    • Hungarian translation added
    Changes and fixes:
    • Data export to Atomic Mail Sender fixed
    • Restart now prompted after license activation
    • Incomplete localization of installation wizard and interface fixed
    • Program failure on Windows XP fixed
    • Works with .mobi and .jobs domains
    • Saving results in some cases in some cases was failing
    • \”Unknown exception\” error fixed
    • Program and computer freezing fixed
    • Italian localization added
    • Filters improved
    • Help menu improved
    • Error with .GR domains fixed
    • Email display fixed
    • Error with .HU domains fixed
    Atomic List Manager 5.00
    • Removal of duplicate emails. Now duplicate emails in the list are shown in a separate list.
    • Support for lists where email addresses are not in the first column
    • Software menu rearranged
    • A button for checking for updates is added to the Help menu
    • A special export component is used for saving lists
      domain zones menu improved. Editing and display of a list is changed.
    • \”Fix domains\” feature now can detect a domain zone by a part of it.
    • Export\” tab now has \”Export wizard\”
    • Copying to clipboard bug fixed
    • Removing duplicates fixed
    • Removing suspicious emails feature improved. Popular prefixes for the address line are supported now.
    • Fixed encodings error when sending lists from List Manager to Mail Sender
    • Fixing emails feature improved
    • Highlighting all elements of the list with Ctrl+A is added
    • Localization and translation errors fixed
    • Export errors fixed
    • \”Remove emails with double symbols\” option is removed from \”Remove suspicious\” feature
    Atomic Lead Extractor 7.10
    • Contact type filter improved
    • Google Belgium search engine added
    • Installation pack includes all plugins for parsing different contact types
    • Armenian language added
    • Authentication option improved (for scanning private resources)
    • Parser for email addresses search improved
    • Parser for Skype IDs search improved
    • Some minor errors fixed
    Atomic Lead Extractor 7.01
    • Polish language added
    • Data Export errors fixed
    Atomic Lead Extractor 7.00
    • Official program release
    Atomic Email Logger 7.05
    • Social panel has been added
    • Some extraction engine bugs have been fixed
    • PST file processing plug-in to the Atomic Email Logger (this plug-in opens Outlook PST files and harvest e-mail addresses and the user names from them) comes with the fix for the bugs effecting Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 users
    Atomic Whois Explorer 7.00
    • Finds information about an IP address (ipv4) or domain
    • New parsing engine
    • New Export Wizard with various options
    • Search window was added
    • Filter email, phone, fax and addresses from the results
    • Edit options in proxy list
    • Validate input of domains and IP addresses
    • New Ribbon UI for Vista and Windows 7
    • View WHOIS information about an IP address or domain in several variants
    • Extended list of WHOIS-servers
    Atomic Email Logger 7.00
    • New Ribbon UI for Vista and Windows 7
    • Unicode files are supported now
    • Search panel was added
    • New e-mail extraction engine. It now finds even more contacts
    • \”Class not registered\” OLE error has been fixed
    • Some crashes on window-resize have been fixed
    • Several minor bugs have been fixed

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