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    Atomic Email Hunter

    Atomic Email Hunter 14.04
    • Updated list of built-in proxy servers
    • Updated search engines for China
    • Updated Email Hunter User Manual
    • Search within Yelp without specifying the city was added
    • New feature of skipping the certain number of search pages was added
    • Fixed email addresses filter issues when filter rules didn\’t apply while searching with the Yelp plugin
    • Command-line search was fixed and improved
    • People search feature for Facebook plugin was fixed and improved
    • Fixed the program interface issues and the software behavior as a whole
    • Fixed the issue whereby multiple errors occurred during the search
    • Fixed minor issue within the proxy servers settings menu
    • Fixed the search links building issues
    • Fixed email address filter issues
    • Fixed the incorrect errors of page processing
    • Program optimization to reduce CPU load and increase the search speed
    Atomic Email Hunter 14.01
    • The following bugs have been fixed:
      • Issues during search on particular websites
      • Emergency Shutdown while search on specific websites
      • Facebook plugin issues
      • Southern Korea location selection issues
    Atomic Email Hunter 14.00
    • Welcome brand new Twitter plugin! With this tool, you may extract new data and email addresses of your prospective clients with the following key queries: country, region, city, job position. There is no need to enter your Twitter account data!
    Atomic Email Hunter 13.31
    • Brand new plugin for email search on Facebook!
    • Collect emails of your niche audience using regular Facebook search.
    Atomic Email Hunter 13.20
    • Now you can decide whether you need contacts from cache or not
    • Try the modified and improved detailed search for better email addresses extraction
    • We fixed the issue when extraction failed through Gooogle
    Atomic Email Hunter 13.19
    • YELP error 503 fixed which means you can scrape YELP again
    Atomic Email Hunter 13.18
      Issue with YELP search is fixed.
    Atomic Email Hunter 13.17
    • New highly anticipated feature: built-in proxies! Proxy pool which comes with software.
    • Email Hunter now needs less CPU power. Update if it was freezing your computer.

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