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    Atomic Email Studio

    Atomic Email Studio 11.47
    • Atomic Sender updated so now it has its unsubscribe link working again
    • Atomic Hunter with better targeting. You can target it to a city or area or disctrict like \”physicians in brooklyn ny\”
    Atomic Email Studio 11.46
    • Faster results from YELP search in Email Hunter
    • Export bug where columns were coming messed up fixed in Email Hunter
    Atomic Email Studio 11.45
    • More results from YELP search with updated Atomic Email Hunter with more built-in proxies!
    • Get emails, phone numbers…almost all the information from a YELP profile.
    Atomic Email Studio 11.43
    • Updated Atomic Email Hunter so you can enjoy better YELP email and data extraction
    Atomic Email Studio 11.42
    • Updated Atomic Email Hunter includes a new enhanced YELP plugin. 10x more speed and more laser targeted emails.
    Atomic Email Studio 11.40
    • Updated version of Atomic Email Hunter includes improved cache function that saves all the previous searches which allows you to find the email addresses much faster
    • Updated version of Atomic Email Verifier includes new function for determining the disposable email addresses and optimized statistics of the verified results
    • Updated version of Atomic Email Logger includes bugfixes and the function of extracting the expiration date is added
    Atomic Email Studio 11.20
    • Atomic Email Hunter updated
    • Atomic Email Logger updated
    • Atomic Mail Sender updated
    • Atomic Email Verifier updeted

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