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    Atomic Lead Extractor

    Atomic Lead Extractor 8.10
    • Automatic switching to another search engine if there are no results
    • Add search engines
    • Fixed plugins display
    • Domain ignored if no results found
    • Default settings improved
    • Fixed bugs in processing javascript
    • Results processing improved
    • Processing results speed increased
    Atomic Lead Extractor 8.01
    • Default thread number limited to 7
    • Slovak language added
    Atomic Lead Extractor 8.00
    • Data mining added (data extracting from typical pages of website)
    • Export for results of data mining (to the clipboard, a text or a CSV file, MS Office or Open Office applications)
    • Improved contact list managing
    • Filtering contacts by any column
    • Atomic Newsgroup Extractor updated
    Atomic Lead Extractor 7.21
    • Export feature fixed
    • Interface localization fixed
    • Plugin for email address search fixed and improved
    Atomic Lead Extractor 7.20
    • Support for Cyrillic domains added
    • Improved parsing algorythms for emails, fax and phone numbers and Skype)
    • Interface errors fixed
    • Fixed errors with option \”Analize javascript for protected emails\”
    • Access violation errors fixed, not the program is more stable
    • Fixed error with checking other websites while the search depth is set
    • Computer processor load is decreased
    Atomic Lead Extractor 7.10
    • Contact type filter improved
    • Google Belgium search engine added
    • Installation pack includes all plugins for parsing different contact types
    • Armenian language added
    • Authentication option improved (for scanning private resources)
    • Parser for email addresses search improved
    • Parser for Skype IDs search improved
    • Some minor errors fixed
    Atomic Lead Extractor 7.01
    • Polish language added
    • Data Export errors fixed
    Atomic Lead Extractor 7.00
    • Official program release
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