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    Atomic Whois Explorer

    Atomic Whois Explorer 7.00
    • Finds information about an IP address (ipv4) or domain
    • New parsing engine
    • New Export Wizard with various options
    • Search window was added
    • Filter email, phone, fax and addresses from the results
    • Edit options in proxy list
    • Validate input of domains and IP addresses
    • New Ribbon UI for Vista and Windows 7
    • View WHOIS information about an IP address or domain in several variants
    • Extended list of WHOIS-servers
    Atomic Whois Explorer 4.10
    • Trial version can export 10 contacts to Word/Excel/file
    • Better integration with other Atomic email marketing programs.
    • Saving and restoring window position on reopening
    Atomic Whois Explorer 4.00
    • Optimization for Windows Vista
    • New nice user interface
    • Export to MS Excel now saves all data (including phones, faxes, etc)
    • Support of different languages for user interface
    Atomic Whois Explorer 2.70
    • Some minor changes in user interface
    Atomic Whois Explorer 2.60
    • Integration with Member Area
    Atomic Whois Explorer 2.50
    • Compatibility with Atomic Mail Sender 3 smart integration
    Atomic Whois Explorer 2.00
    • HTTP connections are available now
    • Better extractions due to 43/80 ports using

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