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8 Tips how to get someone’s e-mail

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1. Find Email Addresses in Previous Email Correspondence

If you have emailed them before, you probably have their address. Go find it now.

2. Find People in Email Address Directories or White Pages

From public records to to email address directories and change of address services: find people and their email addresses using dedicated search engines.

3. Find Somebody’s Email Address by Searching the Web

Search somebody’s email address like you search for anything else on the Web (and successfully).

4. Search for Email Addresses in Usenet Newsgroups

Find the person whose email address you are looking for in discussion groups.

5. Find an Email Address by Making it Find You

If the person you are looking for is searching for herself, she will find you, and her email address will find its way to you.

6. Find Email Addresses on Business Cards

Go through your collection of business cards to find email addresses of more people than you probably know.

7. Ask Somebody for Their Email Address

Yes, that’s obvious, but asking is still the easiest way to find an email address.

8. Find Somebody’s Email Address Using

If all other means to find somebody’s email address fail, you can turn to the Usenet newsgroup

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