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Canadian Anti-Spam Act 2011 – Spam Can Cost You Millions of Dollars

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Canadian anti-spam act 2011[/caption]

Spam is bad, let’s face it! So new Canadian anti-spam law could cost violators up to $10 million, as said by

Private persons violating the law could be fined a maximum penalty of $1 million, while companies and organizations could be charged up to $10 million.

While Bill C-28, or the Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act, received royal assent on December 15, the report says the new law will  be enforced in approximately 6 months from now.

Email marketing and security specialist are sure that this law will not stop the most cruel way of spamming people – bot-net spam.

And what is the most important tip and trick for private persons and companies who run email marketing campaigns – DO NOT BUY EMAIL LISTS, ’cause there’s no purchased list that’s considered 100 per cent clean and safe to email and you do have the potential to be taken to court. This is the main reason why most ESPs specify in their terms that lists must be opt-in/double opt-in only and if you are caught using a non-opt-in list many ESPs will terminate your account immediately.

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Written by: Paul Shuteyev

I am an internet-marketing specialist.