5 Quick Social Media List Building Tips and Tricks

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Social Media 2011 - 5 List building tips

    Social Media 2011 - 5 List building tips

    Hey guys, Here are 5 easy-to-follow tips and tricks that will help you to establish and build your mail list using social media networks. 1. Follow up new signups immediately with a Welcome email and a sample newsletter. Consider using an auto-responder to send an email to new subscribers, informing them of your content and your promotions. 2. Provide newsletter content that is valuable and worth forwarding and linking back to. 3. Archive your newsletter on your website so bloggers, Tweeters, and other social networkers can link back to your content, spreading it virally. 4. Make sure to read the Terms of Use before promoting your content on any website. 5. Invite readers to follow you on Twitter and Facebook from your newsletter. Just put few buttons in your email newsletter and you will see that people will react - it's always good to see new opportunities to get the content you are interested in. It's easier for some people to read your news via Facebook feeds, rather than email.
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