Email Marketing 2011 – Timing and Sharing Techniques

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Timing techniques

    Timing techniques

    Hey guys, Here are some great techniques on how to set right timing for your email campaign messages to encourage your subscribers to share them via all kinds of social media channels (like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and much more). On the one hand - it's all about content, but it's not! It's more about the way and a time you send your messages. Please read more for 3 timing and sharing techniques of email marketing in 2011. 1. Think about things from your subscriber’s perspective: This is marketing 101 but it’s especially important when getting your messages out at the right time. Think about who the message is going to and what the message is suggesting. For example, sending a business related offer on a Saturday night isn’t going to get you much response or shares on the social networks. Time your messages for when your prospects are not only likely to check email but likely to take action on it as well. 2. Send messages consistently: Consistent messages sent at the same basic time each week or each month will help your audience know what to expect. Picture it this way - if Jack Customer likes your content and shares it on Twitter one week, he’ll be looking for your content the next week so he can do the same. In time, your audience will come to look forward to your messages as a source of social media content. 3. Survey your customers for better timing: We often say that each email marketing list is different, but you won’t know how different until you ask. Consider running a poll that includes questions about their email usage and social media usage. You can use the feedback in order to time your email messages better.
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