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Atomic Software Updates – Atomic Email Logger 7.05 release and Atomic Pst File Processing Plug-in Update

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Atomic Email Logger

Atomic Email Logger

Hi guys,

Hope you’re doing really well. I would like to proudly announce that we have released an update for our Atomic Email Logger software, and we have also updated one of the plug-ins for Atomic Email Logger – Atomic Pst File Processing Plug-in.

Atomic Email Logger (EML) is an email harvester designed to search through files stored on your hard drive and extract email addresses if any.

Do you know, that your hard disk may contain thousands of e-mail addresses that you’re missing out on? These addresses can be found in Program Files, the Internet browser cache, Outlook personal folder and many other places – but without gathering them, these resources go unused. Satisfied customers tells us they have found 3,000 to 10,000 fresh addresses searching Temporary Internet files alone. How many addresses are YOU losing out on? With EML you can extract thousands of addresses without having to connect to the Internet!

What’s new in 7.05 release:

[+] Social panel added
[*] Some extraction engine bugs have been fixed

The main advantage of Atomic Email Logger over the competitors is its capability to harvest email addresses from any file types using the plug-in technology. One of the most popular plug-ins for Atomic Email Logger is Atomic Pst File Processing Plug-in.

Pst File Processing plug-in opens Outlook PST files and harvest email addresses and the user names from them.

So what’s new in this update:

[*] Now fully compatible with Windows 7 (latest bugs have been fixed)
[*] Now fully compatible Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (latest bugs have been fixed)

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Please check official Atomic Email Logger page to get more information and see all plug-ins available.

If you still haven’t purchased the software and have some doubts about its usefulness, we can provide you with a personal discount, or else you can check out Atomic Email Logger discount page. If you’ve ever wondered about what it is that makes genuine software different from its cracked counterparts, you may want to read about cracking Atomic Email Logger.

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