B2B Email Marketing

If you happen to provide services or sell products to other businesses, you have work to do. Making an offer to another business is always based on facts, figures, and analytics, and should always be thoroughly thought through. Our blog teaches you how to showcase all the benefits of your products and services, using email as the medium. Learn how to make B2B marketing a reliable and stable conduit for revenue.

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Influencers: Who are they and how to make them useful for business


Discover who influencers are, what’s their contribution to your marketing success may be. Also, find out & how to work with them and where to look for by studying our post, which will help to achieve good results and minimize the risks.

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“Affiliate Program: What’s that and how to make money on it?” an Interview with Affiliate manager

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate programs become more and more popular nowadays. There are many companies that propose users to promote their goods and get money for that. We aren’t an exception. Our affiliate manager tells what affiliate marketing is and how to earn on that.

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How to grow sales on Black Friday

Black Friday 2020

Black Friday is coming and it is time to think about how to impress clients this year. This Black Friday should be special because of COVID-19 and we share the idea of how to prepare a marketing campaign to increase sales.
Read the article and find out what channels to choose and how to combine different channels to grow income on Black Friday.

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B2B Email Marketing – Latest Statistics 2012

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! Thanks to Pardot.com for releasing statistics they gathered during a researches and surveys. I have saved most interesting parts of their report and I want to provide you with the most interesting data on: Email marketing budget, Best practices, Email features, and Future vision. Email is still a popular marketing […]