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    Step-by-Step Atomic Email Studio Tutorial

    Every mass mailing software is designed in its own way. They contain different features and interfaces, hence, you might need some guidance to get acquainted with a new system.  Atomic Email Studio is one of the most convenient systems: it is not only easy to operate, but it provides several solutions in one, which optimizes your efforts in email marketing. You don’t need to implement different solutions, integrate them, or work between them, as Atomic Email Studio will combine everything you need. To understand better how to work with this software, we suggest checking this tutorial and referring to it […]

    Everything you need to know about email subdomains

      Naturally, not everyone needs for their letter activities using subdomains for email, and not always. Assuming your organization has many assignments for email promoting and the brand, it is smarter to utilize additional brand subdomains to make different sendings from welcome to value-based by means of a mass mail sender. You will need to set a primary mail domain and subdomains for either case.   What are email subdomains?   Subdomains are used to give an individual web page a unique name. Subdomain in email address functions the same. What is an email subdomain? Here’s a definition from […]

    Cold Email Outreach or Spam. Where is the line?

      To draw the line between the cold mails & spam messages, everyone should distinguish the difference between the cold mail outreach and all the rest of possible cases that may be referred as spam. Let’s do it!   Cold outreach rules   Cold emails are those messages that are sent to the recipient without previously contacting or requesting their information. Cold emails are different from spam emails. However, if some proper procedures are not followed; cold mail can become spammed emails. For example, bulk cold mailing is spam because it may not be in the best interest of every […]

    Email Click through Rate: What Is It and How to Improve It

      Mail CTR or email click through rate is an active clicking factor and one of the major mail marketing measurements that shows the commitment of your interest group. Mailing click-throughs might show, whether your email can provoke individuals to make a move or not.   What is email click-through rate?   Here’s an email click through rate definition: Email ctr is the proportion of those taps on the links in your campaign emails. Be that as it may, email active visitor clicking percentage is a somewhat questionable metric it tends to be affected by many elements and unfortunately, improving […]

    How to get off an email blacklist?

      The purpose of blacklists is to protect users from suspicious emails. For example, those senders whose letters users complained about as spam get there. If the IP address or domain got there, then the mailing will not go through at all or go straight to spam. Email blacklist removal will be the way to improve your email marketing. But the best thing is never to get there using quality mass mailing software.   What’s a blacklist?   The letter blacklist is a data set of hindered IP addresses and domains that have been seen sending spam or infections. That’s […]

    Mass mailing campaign for Banking

      Mobile marketing in banks & finance has its peculiarities. Multichannel messaging has become one of the most popular communication methods with clients in the financial and banking sectors. Let’s see how multichannel mailings help improve the customer experience with banking products.   Why using mails for marketing in banks   The answer is simple as it is. This kind of fast, direct communication is ideal for marketing strategies of banks that need a fast reliable, and highly scalable tools. Only a balanced approach and careful planning can guarantee the implementation of the optimal programs for financial communications, and mails […]

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