B2C Email Marketing

Special offers, discounts, vouchers, getting through to people using emotion—these are the key parts of successful B2C email marketing campaigns. B2C email marketing is a powerful tool that helps your company sell products and convert the end customer into a loyal brand follower. Learn how to target the customers of your e-commerce business in a way that will make them happy and loyal to your company, so they keep coming back. Stay tuned to our blog to learn the best tactics and strategies of B2C email marketing that will drive your company to inevitable success.

comments 20.12.2018 Kevin George @ B2C Email Marketing, Email Marketing, Guest Post

Email Marketing – Cost effective solution for Small Businesses

Email Marketing Solution

The guest of our blog – Kevin George, Head Monk – Marketing, tells how to handle the major problems small businesses faces in marketing: lack of resources, a thin stream of prospects owing to limited brand recognition, tight purse strings, shorthanded in the workforce. In the article, you’ll know why and how email marketing can help solve these difficulties.

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Holiday Season mailing: how to engage recipients attention?

Christmas E-Mail

The Christmas is drawing near. It’s about time to think about the ways of greeting your customers. Among all the ways to greet your clients, email stays the most likely option. We know you have lots of discounts, special offers and other goodies up your sleeve you are eager to present to your customers, but how to do it the right way? That’s what we’re going to talk about.