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comments 02.04.2021 Ira Byvalkevich @ Email List Building, Email Marketing

How to Choose Email Parser and Not to Waste Money. Infographics

Email gathering tools

In email marketing parsing is widely applied to make it effective, and the email parsing software is widely sought after by experienced marketers. Why choosing an email parser to save your time and money? Go on to find that out.

comments 21.01.2021 Irina Podorvan @ Email List Building, Email Marketing

How dangerous is your email database? Caution toxic!

How to check the validity of datebase?

The Email database is a fundament of a mass mailing campaign. We prepare the test to help you to check whether your email list is high-quality. Furthermore, we give some tips how to improve it.

comments 16.10.2020 Tatiana Pyrih @ Email List Building, Email Marketing

Hygiene of mailing list or How not to get to spam?

Why are my emails going to spam

Being a decent email marketer you are wondering “Why are my emails going to spam?” Read our new article to find out how the quality of an address list influences the risk of gettint to spam. And find the solution to the issue how to avoid spam filters. For this, you need just to create a clean email database, and we will tell you how to do this!

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Where to find bulk email addresses: best places for getting emails

Where to find bulk emails

Many users of Atomic Email Hunter don’t feel all the possibilities of the software because they don’t know where to search for email addresses.
In this article, we’ve decided to share some tips on where to collect email addresses for creating highly relevant mailing lists.

Read and learn what websites are the best to scrape emails of and what are the other places to find emails.

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Top 7 tools for email verification: What to choose and why?

Best verifying tools

A good email marketer knows that each email list needs verification. There are dozen of tools for verifying emails, that’s why the choice becomes more difficult. We have collected the top 7 tools to verify the email base and make a comparison. Read the article to choose the best one and have a clean mailing list.

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Email Duplicates in a Mailing List: What is it and How to Remove?

Delete duplicated e-mails

Sometimes contact databases contain duplicate emails and your mailing list is one of them. Copies of contacts are very harmful to your email campaign, because subscribers receive the same newsletter again and begin to mark the it as spam. But this is only part of the problem, because everything is much worse… Want to know more and learn how to solve it? Read the article!

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10 Email Marketing Tips to Increase B2B Sales

10 Email Marketing Tips to Increase B2B Sales

Imagine you throw a party and waiting for everyone to come. But tell me, will anyone come when they don’t even know about the party? First of all, you have to send an invitation to the party so that people know about it and think to come.
Similarly, before you start sending emails, you have to build a big email list (invite people) so that you have more people to enjoy email content.