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    Email Marketing Design

    5 Quick Email Design Tips

    Hey email marketers, Hope all is well. As we all know there are few cornerstones of email marketing – email list, email marketing software, and content. Under content I mean design, texts, ads, graphics, and more. What I want to discuss today is email design – few tips and tricks on how to make your email newsletters more beautiful and useful. Here are 5 quick Email Design tips: 1. Embedded images. Make sure your email newsletter is looking good even without all the graphics –  such ESP as Gmail blocks images by default, and your subscriber must accept images from […]


    HTML design for email is a trickier prospect than HTML for the Web. Your message must display correctly across dozens of clients and platforms, each with its own quirks and rendering issues. Good HTML creates branded, usable and attractive email messages that convert better overall than plain text. But when HTML goes bad, your messages will be unreadable, not function correctly or trigger email blocks or filters. This manual contains: List of 20 best practices addresses critical issues in coding and design in three key areas: format, functionality and usability. These issues affect rendering (how recipients view your message in […]

    Comment on the New Design and Get Marketing-Related Ebook for FREE

    Hi Guys and visitors, We welcome you to evaluate the renewed website. The visual appearance and design of website has been remodeled, the structure and contents are now clearer and easier to use. We are going to move to the new design within a week. If you have any questions concerning this new design let me know at annagorina at Note! Free marketing-related eBook will be sent to you for any comment concerning new website. Hope you will enjoy using the renewed! Please do not hesitate to ask questions and give advices!

    Email Marketing Techniques 2010 – Email Design Tricks. Part 2

    Additional info on email marketing – Top Email Marketing Software Solutions 7. Subject lines — this is only a test Did you know only 25 percent of marketers are testing subject lines on a regular basis? If you’re not constantly testing, you’re missing opportunities to find out which ones maximize opens and conversions. Before you test, make sure that your subject line is relevant to the call-to-action in your email. Subject line studies by Alchemy Worx and other groups have shown that using a subject line with 72 or more characters gives added relevance, increasing click through and conversion. Likewise, […]

    Email Marketing Techniques 2010 – Email Design Tricks. Part 1

    Prior to constructing your email, make sure that your message is clear and concise. Develop and refine what you want to say so that readers don’t lose interest or get confused about what your call-to-action is. What is your offer? How will reading and clicking through this email help the reader? Make sure they know what’s in it for them. Before and during the building process, continually ask yourself, “What would I think if I got this in my inbox? Would I immediately delete it? Or worse, report it as spam?” Rule No. 1 — don’t be spam. Even the […]

    Respectable WebDesign Techniques

    What makes every site respectable? Try my design techniques. Your blog is where your business becomes popular; it’s like the headliner of an offline company. Also it is important to practise good design principles to make sure your site reaches out to the maximum number of visitors, subscribers and sells to as many people as possible. Make sure you have clear directions on the navigation of your website. The navigation menu should be uncluttered and concise so that visitors know how to navigate around your website without confusion. It’s very important if you want to get these visitors as subscribers. […]

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