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    Email Design Colors and Emotions – Stimulate Engagement and Purchases

    Emotions That Stimulate Engagement It’s important to give your subscribers and recipients right emotions and stimulate them, make them feel what they and we want. Anticipation: People are really curious. You can use this to your advantage when preparing your email campaigns. Fancy images, galleries, trigger words, and teaser content all help to stimulate your subscribers. Make them feel interested. Joy: Happy customers will definitely buy more and not even once. Keep your clients happy by offering high-value content, positive imagery, and well-written email message. This will also increase the loyalty and make your brand look more stable and better. […]

    6 Fatal Mistakes of Email Design

    Hi guys, Hope you’re doing great! As you know email design is extremely important – it can boost your click-throughs or make people trash your emails. I won’t tell you which colors to use or which fonts are the best, but I’m here to show you most fatal mistakes of email design, so you can fix yours. Please enjoy! 1. Forgetting to say Hi! Your “Hi!” is your header – your header must be informative and recognizable. It’s the first thing recipients see – make it look perfect. What about ordinary “Hi!”: Show respect to your subscribers – always salute your […]

    5 Tips on How to Use Colors in Email Marketing

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! We all know how important email design is – it°s one of the most important elements of lead capturing. So in other words – your email campaign is likely to be more successful if the email message contains the good message, good design and the right colors. I would like to provide you with 5 tips on how to use colors in email marketing campaigns to make your call-2-action more visible. Please enjoy! #1 Tip: Don’t overdo it. Your main message or call-2-action can get lost because of too many colors or even too […]

    How to Design Emails for Mobile Email Campaign – Distinctions Between Mobile and PC Recipients

    Hey guys! Hope you’re doing great. I would like to share few techniques on how to design emails for mobile email campaign. Year is moving to its end, and Christmas time is one of the best times for email campaigns – special offers, discount and greetings delivered by email. All this can generate a lot of sales, and mobile email campaign is not the exception. I’ve written about email design a lot, but this time I would like to provide you with extra techniques that show the distinction between email design and mobile email design for your email campaigns. Let’s […]

    Top Mobile Email Design Techniques, plus Statistics

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing well! Sorry for such a delay with this article, it’s all because the Mail Conference I visited on Tuesday-Wednesday on a ferry from Tallinn to Stockholm. Today I would like to provide you with the mobile email client statistics and top mobile email design techniques. 1.    Send in MIME Multipart Format. Your emails are sent in both HTML and plain text formats, so for mobile devices that can’t read HTML – plain text will appear just like you want it to. 2.    Keep subject lines to 15 or fewer characters. Mobile devices often […]

    Top Email Design Tricks 2011

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! I want to provide you with important email design tricks that will help you to boost your email marketing campaigns. All these email design tips provide you with the guarantee that your emails will appear as you want them to, actually, this is how you can optimize your email design so it looks great on all email clients. Nested Tables is a must. This will make it way easier to change your layout in future. Avoid CSS Overdose. Some of email clients support CSS, some not, so try not to overdose with CSS, it’s […]

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