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    Latest news, current events, and much more from the field of marketing.

    Email Marketing Design

    How to Make Mailing More Beautiful: Top Tips from Designers for 2023

    Email design campaign experts says visually appealing email designs and flawless code are the basis in creating perfect emails.

    5 Email Templates That Top Brands Use in 2023

    Sometimes you haven’t the inspiration for creating an email newsletter and you don’t know where to bring it. We help you with this. Companies like Macy’s, Netflix, and Airbnb have introduced unique business email templates to run customer feedback surveys, and they have improved their business turnovers multi-fold. Read the article to view the inspirational email newsletter example to create own successful email marketing campaign.

    The secret of perfect Christmas email marketing campaign

    Meet the updated article with new and fresh advice for coming winter holiday. From the article, you will know the secret of Christmas email marketing campaign, that bring you high ROI and good mood for your clients.

    How to create wow images for email newsletter

    Wanna your email campaigns being read – make it shine! Illustrations are one of the key attention-grabbing parts of your mass mailing strategy. And today you’ll know how to create the cool graphic for your emails with the help of pics.io photo editor. We will tell you: why illustrated emails are necessary, where to find free images to use, and how to optimize this graphic for your newsletter without web-designer.

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    CSS in HTML Email Newsletter: What’s new?

    I will not repeat that CSS is a language for describing the appearance of an HTML document. You already know that. But what is the real use of CSS inlining in email marketing? While HTML structures the content and layout, CSS inlining in email is used to style and format the content like including link colors and headline fonts.

    Brands email newsletters you have to subscribe to

    I’m done with these boring email campaigns! I need something new and bright just right now. I want to surprise my subscribers, but my creativity is sleeping and idea bank is almost empty. Sounds familiar? In this article, we’ve created a list of the brands with the brightest email campaigns to subscribe. Enjoy and make your choice!

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