Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing strategy is comprised of lots of small blocks connected with each other. The way these blocks are connected and the order of the steps you take during your email campaign both dictate its success. Follow our blog, and you’ll always know how to build your own email marketing strategy in a way that yields the most desirable results with minimum effort involved.

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Halloween email ideas: Grab your treats with the spooky newsletter!


Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time to treat subscribers! Halloween is the beginning of the biggest and the most active shopping times of the year. Starting from now, you’ve got a great opportunity to interest your consumers with scary-good offers and promotions, to earn the loyalty of clients and get the profit for […]

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Email Marketing Strategy Tips – Improve Your Email Campaign (Video)

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! As you know I always split all the email marketing specialists in two main groups – service users and software users. Also, I always say that email marketing software is still alive and kicking, and many of us (I mean email marketers) choose software instead of services.  As a […]