Digital Information Products: Video vs. Audio. Business Wars!

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Unconventional Kinds Of Information Products That You Could Prepare For Your Online Business

    By now you should know the importance of digital delivery. Being able to deliver your products digitally would allow you to be free from the worries of shipping charges and storage space. Additionally, your customers would feel more reassured as they would get what they will pay for as soon as they pay for them.

    Information products like eBooks and special reports are the usual items up for sale in most internet marketing ventures. But these are not the only kinds of information products which you could sell. There are others, of course, which may require a little more skills to create but would prove very rewarding nonetheless.

    Let’s take a look at other information products which you could prepare.

    Video Products

    Since a good number of your prospective customers are people who connect to the internet via T1, cable or DSL, delivering bigger files has become less of an issue these days compared to how they were two or three years ago. Only a few internet marketers offer video products these days, so there is a sizable market for you to exploit.

    Video products may come in the form of tutorials, web documentaries, or even entertainment. You could use the conventional way of filming your subjects via a digital camcorder and editing the same to be presentable enough for sale via a variety of video editing software available in the market today. Or if you’re planning on presenting web tutorials, you could simply download any screen capture device and use your mouse cursor as a pointer to guide your viewers through the subject of the course. In which case, you could also download any sound recording device to complement such a video with audio lessons.

    There is that chance that your customers could only access the internet through a 56k modem. You could choose to divide the video file into smaller files, and label them appropriately, so that your customers could download them in manageable batches.

    Audio Products

    Audio products are quite easy to prepare. There are a lot of audio recording devices available for download, some better than others. What you really need is a clear script of the things you want to say. A lot of matters may get lost in audio form, so it is very vital that your script would incorporate everything that you want to say, in a manner that would be clear to understand.

    Also, the format you wish to make available is an essential concern as well. Try to aim for an mp3 file format to make the recording more compressed for easy download. Better yet, using RSS 2.0 technology, you could create what they call a podcast, that is, downloadable audio for iPods and some RSS readers. This is an amazing file format, as you could record hours upon hours of audio without worrying about file size.

    Podcasting would also allow your visitors to download the audio files you have prepared, so that they could listen to them later on. With the growing popularity of portable media devices like the Apple iPod and other mp3 players, downloading podcasts have likewise become popular. People would want to listen to something while they’re stuck in traffic or while they’re waiting for their flight. This is the opening you need to target a specific need.

    Other Products

    The thing with unconventional information products is that there is no limit as to what form they could take. Your creativity and imagination are free to play in this field, and it’s all up to you. Just make sure that the products you would come up with are capable of convenient digital delivery, and you’re all set to go.

    Written by:
    Paul Shuteyev
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